Country Kitchen Designs

Design cooking spaces that exude a warm, country charm.

Country Kitchen Designs featured photo

A country kitchen style exudes coziness and charm. Designing one involves using timeless materials like reclaimed wood or stone, then incorporating those with equally classic elements. If you want a vintage, rustic country kitchen, or just plain country vibe, I’ve gathered some of the loveliest country kitchen design ideas. So, you can start designing your dream cooking space.

Some things to consider including in country kitchens might be pendant lights, wood cabinets, beadboard, and stone floors. Oh, and don’t forget to add finishing touches for that lived in feel, like fresh flowers, antique finds, copper pots, and vintage silverware. 

All-Natural Charm

If you want a kitchen that is bright and airy, openness and the use of raw elements are the way to go. Instead of closed cabinets, open shelves and floor layouts, and an exposed ceiling make it the heart of the home. The reclaimed wood kitchen island and dining table are also a pair you should have in a country kitchen.

All-Natural Charm Country Kitchen Design

Vintage Farmhouse Beauty

Traditional farmhouse design features include a distressed kitchen island and open shelving. As well as kitchen markings. But this kitchen’s reclaimed wood barn cabinets steal the show. The addition of the basket accents warms up the kitchen as well.

Vintage Farmhouse Country Kitchen Design

Go Dark & Distressed

Leanne Ford designed this kitchen to have the feel of a homey getaway villa. And the dark wood kitchen island really gets the attention here. Also, you may want to invest in high-quality appliances and funky drawer handles. Then add eye-catching lights to wow. All while keeping the home’s lived-in qualities with heritage art and furnishings.

Dark & Distressed Country Kitchen Design

Beams and Blues

This Robin’s egg blue country kitchen is a dream.  The selection of a light tone for the cabinets and the island gives the room a neat, classic appearance. while also fostering a sense of relaxation.

Beams and Blues Country Kitchen Design

Contemporary Style

Country kitchens are warm and welcoming. Evoking thoughts of ideal country life because of their natural elements. This kitchen combines antique lighting, flat metal, and doorknobs. As well as contemporary hardwood cabinetry.

Contemporary Style Country Kitchen Design

Striking Bricks

The red tones of the brick walls in this country kitchen complement the natural wood cabinets. It also provides contrast to the handcrafted trim, marble counters, and stainless steel appliances. I really adore the modern design choices of black accented windows and doors.

The open beams give the room a rustic feel. Which contrasts nicely with the brick. As well as the modern windows and appliances.

Country Kitchen with Bricks Design

All Things Reclaimed

Incorporating reclaimed elements helps preserve its historic charm. Olson Kundig Architects designed this kitchen with repurposed corral boards. And it beautifully covers the ceiling of this mountainside kitchen near Seattle. It’s cheerful and airy at the same time. IThe rustic elements are also perfect during wintertime. So cozy!

Country Kitchen with repurposed corral boards

Light, Bright and Oh-So-Airy

There are many natural materials in this little kitchen vignette. The addition of black accents balances the overall design. The open shelves with the black brackets and the color scheme of the cabinets are stunning. This room is so soothing because of the windows, the white color scheme, and the general design.

Light, Bright and Airy Country Kitchen Design

Creamy and Dreamy

This kitchen’s muted green cabinets and oak worktops give it a warm, inviting atmosphere. The oak vinyl gives the cooking space a finished look. While also complementing the other elements.

Creamy and Dreamy Country Kitchen Design

Simply Gorgeous

The design of this kitchen is the epitome of understated elegance. If you’re aiming for a French country vibe in your kitchen, look no further than this pendant light. The crystals dangling close to the lightbulbs catch the reflected light. And they provide an exquisite glimmer to the space.

Additionally, the open shelving contributes to the room’s openness. Salvaged wood signs on the ceiling go nicely with the island, too.

Simple Country Kitchen Design

Warm Textures

This kitchen has such a lovely, rustic feel about it that I like. The use of barn doors on the wall cabinets, the dish rack sitting on the sink, and other natural wood details create a warm and friendly space. There isn’t a flaw on sight, and I love it!

Country Kitchen with Warm Textures

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Island

A pet-feeding zone is a no-brainer if you have a dog or a cat. The turquoise arabesque backsplash of this kitchen’s island has built-in dog bowls for your fur babies. The white wall cabinets with oil-rubbed bronze pull adorn this kitchen. Which also features honed white marble counters. So vibrant and friendly!

Country Kitchen with Pet-Friendly Kitchen Island

Sociable Country Kitchen Style

This sociable country-style kitchen’s large, smooth-surfaced table welcomes gatherings of friends and family. The natural light coming in from the window brightens even the dullest of breakfast conversations. It’s a very simple kitchen. But has a very laidback vibe.

Sociable Country Kitchen Style

Add Some Greens

A bouquet of freshly-picked flowers is one of the prettiest decorations you can use in your country-style kitchen. They are dainty, and they dress up your space with sweetness and elegance. Plants and flowers in your kitchen are just effortlessly gorgeous. Plus, you can replace them every now and then.

Country Kitchen Style with some greens

Eclectic Country Kitchen

An eclectic country-style kitchen is an excellent option for those with limited space. Making a statement without going overboard with gaudy items and colors is essential. Bringing key elements and letting them stand on their own could be an option. Like brightly colored home appliances and cabinets. The goal is to make your space as festive as possible, but without it looking too cluttered.

Eclectic Country Kitchen

Perfect Country Combos

The key to creating a modern country kitchen is to use both subtle contrasts and exquisitely made country elements. There is a fusion of the rustic country kitchen with rough and sleek work surfaces beside each other. It has the perfect blend of the elegance of both French and Italian kitchens and modern kitchens.

Modern Country Kitchen with Rustic Design combo

Details, Details, Details!

You may add warmth, identity, and simplicity to the country kitchen by bringing in natural and metallic tones. Elements like timbers, stones, and metals give your kitchen personality. All without using conventional decorations. And they are visually appealing.

This kitchen’s rustic elements provide coziness. But the modern fixtures make it suited for today’s lifestyle. It’s got that look that’s easy on the eyes.

kitchen with rustic elements

Vintage Finds

Adding vintage furniture or rustic country kitchen decorations found on collectibles is the way to go. They add personality to a country-style kitchen. The wagon wheel chandelier in this modern country kitchen is so stunning. It’s the ideal accessory for any rustic decor. The seats dotted around the island add a retro feel to the setting.

rustic country kitchen decorations

Country Meets Industrial

A fusion of country and industrial elements together makes a beautiful country kitchen. Light fixtures from the mid-century era add a unique touch to this modern kitchen. The black metal light fixtures complement the pen shelving wonderfully. Also, I adore the way this light fixture. It accentuates the bespoke banquette.

Country Kitchen with Industrial elements

Fabulous Fabric

Incorporating fabrics like tale cloth, sink skirts, or window treatments can bring your kitchen’s features together. A checkerboard patterned drape and tablecloth adorn a white and rustic kitchen like this. Adding fabrics in general creates a complete look in your space. They are dainty and you can update them from time to time.

Country Kitchen with cloth and fabric accents

Go Neutral

Neutral tones create a neat and tidy scene. And you cannot talk about country kitchens without mentioning neutrals. Some of the elements you can add are wood tones, some copper accents, or you can add vintage treasures.

Country Kitchen with neutral elements

Classic Country

This large custom kitchen employs subtle moldings and decorations to give that classic country vibe. Clear and neutral walls with boxy frames and countertops, as well as subtle moldings and chamfers, maximize the impact of the cabinetry. It looks like a kitchen from nearly any generation. But with a bit of the ultra-modern character.

Classic Country Kitchen Design

Polished and Vibrant

“English Rose” kitchen cabinetry from the 1950s, “St Giles Blue” on the walls, and sea-themed wall decor. All contribute to the vintage feel. Everything in this colorful kitchen is a celebration.

Country Kitchen with Polished and Vibrant Style

Red and White

Combining red and white makes a charming country kitchen. I really like how the color scheme from the walls is carried over to the island. On the red background, the white dishes and shelves really pop out. The black chairs and countertops help to unify the space while also adding a modern twist.

Red and White Country Kitchen Design

Painted Floor

Kitchens with painted flooring have a unique look. It’s the hand-painted farmhouse-style kitchen floor that unites all the different designs in this space. It looks so regal.

Country Kitchen with Painted Floor

Wrap Up

Rustic kitchens like those seen in old farmhouses are irresistible. But recreating the same aesthetic in your own home is a lot simpler if you already have certain ideas in mind.

I hope you’ve found the best country kitchen designs that you can incorporate into your own home. Don’t be afraid to experiment with material and texture combinations; you never know what you’ll create as a result. Enjoy the process of designing your country kitchen, and good luck!