Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Farmhouse Kitchen Designs featured photo

Looking to add a touch of farmhouse style to your kitchen? There are countless ways to transform your kitchen into your ideal country sanctuary. Whether you are considering a more involved kitchen renovation, or simply adding some accessories to mix up the style, take a look at a few of the most charming and cozy farmhouse kitchen ideas below for inspiration. 

When it comes to farmhouse style, nothing beats a clever open shelf system for displaying your curated dinnerware. Even adding simple rustic elements such as well-used antiques or salvaged and reclaimed materials can all add to a farmhouse style design. A vintage ceramic or cast iron sink can create the ultimate focal point in farmhouse kitchen design. When all of these elements are combined, the result feels homey and lived-in, while still being sophisticated and modern.  

Add Pottery and Crocks

A curated collection of dinnerware and pottery is a must-have for any farmhouse kitchen. It’s also essential to have an open shelving system to put those dishes on display. A white subway tile backsplash gives the all-brick walls a modern contrast.

Pottery and Crocks in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Some Woven Baskets

Woven baskets are a great addition to modern farmhouse kitchens, because they add texture and warmth to clean lines in a modern space. This kitchen showcases a soft, refreshing color that dominates the entire kitchen. I especially love the white brick walls on the side.

Woven Baskets in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Make It Bright and White

An all-white kitchen doesn’t have to be boring or medical. Some of my favorite features in this design are the stark white walls, metal lighting fixtures, and the dark wood counter. I also appreciate the collected artifacts hanging around. All these subtle elements make a difference. It’s cozy and romantic, while at the same time being bright and energetic.

Bright and White Farmhouse Kitchen

Salvaged Elements

Make your cooking space more unique with salvaged materials. Antique cabinets and vintage stoves are wonderful additions to any homeowner wanting a farmhouse style kitchen.

Salvaged Elements in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Black and White

Black and white is a timeless color combination. And it looks very sharp in a farmhouse kitchen with vintage pendant lights, open shelves, and a touch of modern marble backsplash. Plus brassy knobs and handles on black cabinets are an eye-catching combination. 

Black and White Farmhouse Kitchen

Repurposed Island

You can give antique cabinets a new purpose. Turn them into large kitchen islands with lots of seating space and workstations, as well as generous storage. They work well with roomy, classic farmhouse kitchens. There’s nothing more rewarding like bringing everyone together around a kitchen island that looks like it’s lived through generations. 

Farmhouse Kitchen Repurposed Island

Wood Hood

No other material screams farmhouse like salvaged wood. So, covering range hood out of it would be a great idea. It warms up the cooking zone and works well with both modern and traditional farmhouse kitchens.

Farmhouse Kitchen Wood Hood

Add Antique Signs

Another simple way to impart some rustic flair to your kitchen is to display antique signs. They add a bit of character, and I just love how they add authenticity and personality to a farmhouse kitchen.

Antique Signs in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Add a Decorative Rug

Handcrafted details and a ruggedness separate this farmhouse kitchen from others in the rustic style. The decorative rug is one of the things that brings in so many details. This is another element that can add texture and warmth to a bright, white kitchen. 

Decorative Rug in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Revealing Shelves

The contrast between the rustic shelves and the white walls and dishes enhances the beauty of the wood. A farmhouse kitchen’s open shelves are traditional design elements. And wood counters are also a country feature you shouldn’t forgo.

Revealing Shelves in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Vintage Sink

Kitchen sinks with farmhouse-style backsplashes provide a nostalgic feel while yet being functional. Unlike grout and tile, the solid surface requires less cleaning. The wood dish rack that houses the white plates and cups complements the wood sink base nicely. So sweet and homey.

Vintage Sink in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Old Country Beauty

There’s a little bit of everything here, from rugged to rustic! This old barn kitchen is full of character and charm, and it’s guaranteed to inspire your culinary endeavors. The pantry, island, and apothecary are all made of antique wood, adding to the homey feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen Old Country Design

Bold, Eye-Catching Tile

Make a tiny, monochrome kitchen pop with eye-catching patterned tiles. This is an excellent vacation project if you’re thinking about redesigning your kitchen. Also, I’m a fan of the pendant light!

Bold Eye Catching Tile Farmhouse Kitchen

Retro Inspired-Appliances

Adding vintage appliances is a wonderful addition to your farmhouse kitchen. They can definitely make your kitchen feel more like a homey, cozy space. A retro fridge goes very well with any classic country decor.  

Retro Inspired-Appliances in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Butcher Block Countertops

Adding a butcher block countertop to your farmhouse-style kitchen will give it a warm and charming flair. The contrast created by the subway tile backsplash is stunning. That said, the pendant light and hanging brass rod are what truly elevates the sink to a breathtaking level. What a scene stealer!

Butcher Block Countertops in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Don’t Forget the Wood Accents

What is a farmhouse without the presence of wood, right? This modern farmhouse kitchen has a marble island’s base, range hood, overhanging rafters, as well as oak flooring. And all have tasteful traces of natural wood. The industrial pendant lighting and white kitchen cabinets with glass doors keep it from being too sophisticated.

This modern farmhouse kitchen tells one thing. Keeping things simple is essential. Especially when blending modern and rustic styles.

Wood Accents in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Scandinavian Vibe

It’s easy to feel at home in this serene Scandinavian kitchen. Cooking from scratch tastes better in this kitchen since you can tell that it was designed with passion. And pair those baby blue cabinets and beadboard with the crisp white walls, it’s almost as though you’re in the heavens.

The kitchen island and worktops made of natural wood have a soothing feel to them. The hanging copper cookware elevates the kitchen’s overall look.

Farmhouse Kitchen Scandinavian Design

Vintage Backsplash

This traditional farmhouse-style kitchen features open shelves and vintage-style tiling. As well as a lot of wood counters and cutting boards. The large window lets in plenty of natural light. And the colorful mugs and bakewares on display liven things up a bit.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Vintage Backsplash

Boho Farmhouse

Adding a touch of boho to your farmhouse-style kitchen is a timeless way to create a lovely and inviting space. My favorite elements in this kitchen are the open shelves with the wholesome ceramics and dishes. As well as the calming indoor plants. Also, the decorative rug lends a bohemian luxury vibe to this farmhouse kitchen designs.

Boho Farmhouse Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

The wood elements in this wonderful farmhouse-style kitchen give it a more contemporary feel. The island with a white cabinet base provides lots of storage. And marble backsplash accommodates the shiny appliances. The placement of the farmhouse sink, facing the huge window, is so appealing. With beautiful country scenery, I would just stay home and cook all day!

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

Add a Rustic Chandelier

Adding visual appeal to a modern farmhouse kitchen design involves the use of subtle details like industrial light fixtures. You can creatively hang them from the ceiling. Or you can use them in conjunction with more modern elements to give the space a fresh look.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Rustic Chandelier

Chalkboard Wall Is Great

A chalkboard wall is a fantastic way to add a rustic vibe to a room while also allowing you to swap up the artwork without spending a lot of money. Put together a brunch menu for the upcoming week, or just jot down some grocery list items. Or anything else that makes you happy.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Chalkboard Wall

Consider Kitchen Fixtures

The combination of a farmhouse sink and a classic brass faucet adds a subtle, antique touch. Including these elements into your farmhouse kitchen decor is always a good idea.

Consider Kitchen Fixtures to Consider in a Farmhouse Kitchen

Rustic Vibe

Rustic elements in farmhouse kitchens will never go out of date. This roomy kitchen is perfect for hosting guests. The beautiful spherical pendant lights dangling from the reclaimed wood rafters make it feel cozy and inviting. The brickwork that surrounds the range adds visual interest as well.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

Add a Touch of Class

Consider incorporating metal counter stools if you want to add a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The stools’ black finish adds the perfect hint of sophistication to the overall look of this farmhouse kitchen. The glass pendant lights hanging above the kitchen island.

And the lack of upper cabinets makes it airy and breathable. So classy and calm and vintage and warm.

Classy Farmhouse Kitchen

Add a Metal Rack

Subtle differences matter, as I’ve already stated. Consider installing metal racks to hold your glasses or cookware. This charming farm-style metal rack is perfect for storing mugs. You can even enhance your modern farmhouse kitchen with vintage accents. As well as recycled outdoor or agricultural equipment. With so few elements, make a charming accent.

Metal Mugs Rack

Unique Mixture of Metals

The black-and-brass light fixtures dangling overhead the island in this French modern farmhouse kitchen provide a touch of glamor. They also mix well with the all-stainless steel and matte black range hood. Euro-chic meets rustic in this room; with reclaimed wood beams and stools as decor accent pieces. The infusion of metals in this kitchen is just stunning.

Rustic and European Farmhouse Kitchen

How About Wood Countertops?

Seriously. Polished wood worktops complement the room’s gray cabinetry and open shelves. Which float above a gorgeous patterned backsplash that complements the floor. And hold an eclectic trove of plates and dishes.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Wood Countertop

Vintage Cabinets

For a traditional farmhouse look, this kitchen mixes open shelves made of stained wood with cabinets to match. The shelves’ dark reclaimed wood and black brackets add a striking visual element against the white backdrop. Antique vases, porcelain bowls, glass containers, as well as other retro items look lovely displayed on open shelves. I also love the flooring. So casual and homey.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Vintage Cabinets

Refreshing Paint

When designing a farmhouse kitchen with plenty of furniture, think about applying soft hues. The goal is to draw attention to different cabinet areas. The pastel yellow tone of the cooking area contrasts with the fridge’s antique green. And I love how the accent tiles bring together the many hues present in the cooking space.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Refreshing Paint

Copper Sink Feature

A ceramic apron-front sink is a must-have for a modern farmhouse kitchen. But Incorporating a copper sink will give your space an air of authenticity. While also adding a modern edge.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Copper Sink

Brick Backsplash

It’s nothing unusual for a farmhouse kitchen backsplash to have a brick accent wall. They provide a rustic touch of charm to any kitchen or dining area.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Brick Backsplash

Colorful Accents

It’s easy to introduce some color into a predominately white kitchen. If you don’t want to repaint the entire space, you can arrange colorful dishware on open shelves, instead. Adding patterned window coverings is also an excellent way to bring color into the kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Colorful Accents

A Ray of Sunshine

A beam of sunshine is a great way to break up the repetition of rustic decor. With its simple cabinetry and range hood painted in the color of sunlight, this modern farmhouse kitchen shines even on a gloomy Sunday. The wood kitchen island and the yellow base also make a great pair. Keeping the farmhouse vibe alive.

Yellow Farmhouse Kitchen

Retro Mood

Any vintage bowl, vase, jar, or candlestick that inspires you, you need to grab it. Whenever they’re not in use, they can be the art that you can add to your retro kitchen. You can keep your vintage bowls on open shelves, so they’re easy to find. Plus, they’re simply lovely to look at. You may also paint your cabinets or cupboards with something pale or pastel blue, to greenish-gray.

Retro Design Farmhouse Kitchen

Classic Subway Backsplash

White subway tile is a tried-and-true alternative for a backsplash if you don’t mind keeping it simple. It’s a good place to start highlighting elements and materials in your kitchen. And it has the added benefit of giving the room a classic and elegant aesthetic.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Classic Subway Backsplash

Marble Counters for Farmhouse Kitchen

Farmhouse kitchens have always favored marble worktops because of their timeless appeal. Due to the staining potential of marble, sealing the surface makes it more stain-resistant. And can last longer, too. You may also consider adding warm natural woods to the base. Woods like maple or oak will look great with marble.

Marble Counters for Farmhouse Kitchen

Oversized Island

A farmhouse kitchen must include a large dining table at the center. It comes in handy for social gatherings. Aside from serving as a dining table, this marble island has plenty of storage space underneath the wood base. The inverted coupe wine glass pendant lighting (as I like to call it)  exudes elegance and modern style. The silver stools are perfect seating for a lengthy talk over dinner.

Oversized Island for Farmhouse Kitchen

Making the Most Out of Small a Space

Regardless of the size of your kitchen, you can still incorporate many of the elements that define a traditional farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen features some of my favorite design features, including bricks, subway tiles, and wood rafters. As well as open shelving. The antique bowls, as well as the floor, add a special touch.

Making the Most Out of Small a Space in Farmhouse Kitchen featured photo

Subtly Dramatic

There are moments when simplicity is all you need. However, after time, it may get boring. The downside is that it may become stale after a while. Using rubbed bronze pendant lights in your modern farmhouse design creates a rustic-elegant look.

Adding butcher block countertops warm up gives your modern farmhouse kitchen and provides some textures. The subtle details can make a dramatic difference.

Farmhouse Kitchen with butcher block countertop

Beauty and the Brass

The use of various metal touches in modern farmhouse kitchens is a style that I’ve always admired. The two brass pendant lights hanging over the marble kitchen island bring this space together. The brass faucet makes this kitchen thrice as beautiful.

Farmhouse Kitchen with two brass pendants

Wrap Up

Adding some farmhouse style to your kitchen can be as involved as you choose – from adding reclaimed wood to collected antique pieces, or even replacing a stainless steel sink with a vintage one. There are endless possibilities when it comes to taking your kitchen’s country flavor to the next level.

I hope you’ve shortlisted some of these farmhouse kitchen ideas for your next project. And let me know which one is your favorite! Good luck!