Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas

Industrial Kitchen Design Ideas Featured Photo

Industrial kitchens embrace modesty, functionality, and frugality. It’s a simple style to achieve and looks cool, on top of being utilitarian. Whether you are completely renovating or just want to add some industrial style to your kitchen, this post will cover everything you need to know. I’ve found some of the most stunning industrial kitchens to inspire you to design a cooking environment you’ll surely love!

The term industrial comes from the industrial revolution, when societies moved from an agrarian economy to one that relied more on machines and an industry with new manufacturing processes. Translating this into a design concept means adopting materials like steel and wood or using old artifacts to be repurposed into something new and creative. 

This design style evokes a nostalgic mood in the space. Industrial kitchen designs might draw key features from multiple architectural styles: brutalism or mid-century modernism, but ultimately it’s the use of metal and wood, exposed brick and reclaimed materials that define an industrial style. 

Whichever combination of these you choose, the options are virtually limitless. Check out the industrial kitchen design ideas below for inspiration. 

Brick, Wood, and Metal Accents

Brick, Wood, and Metal Accents Industrial Kitchen

And here is a great example of an industrial-inspired kitchen design showing how you can use various materials to achieve a unique aesthetic. In this kitchen, all the necessary tools are within easy reach. The retro SMEG refrigerator adds a delicate pop of color and softens the rustic feel of the wood and brickwork.

Pops of Color

Industrial Kitchen with Pops of Color

This kitchen also exemplifies well how to combine a variety of vivid accents and bright colors into an industrial kitchen design. The open industrial shelving lends to the space’s openness. While the green backsplash complements the cabinetry. The use of a lot of overhead lighting adds to the coziness of the kitchen design.

Opt for Open Shelving

Open Shelving Industrial Kitchen

The use of open shelf units is common in many kitchen designs, including industrial kitchens. They are functional and make the room look bigger. For a busy space, this modern industrial kitchen boasts a lot of clever storage solutions. From the open shelves to the hanging racks.

Accessorize With Geometric Light Fixtures

Industrial Kitchen With Geometric Light Fixtures

This Italian industrial-style kitchen designed by Snaidero combines cold gray concrete walls and floors. It also features an even warmer gray island and cabinetry. The industrial appliances’ clean lines draw attention to the green bar stools and a scattering of geometric lighting fixtures. I also like how spacious this modern kitchen is. Which makes it suitable for the chosen design.

Wood Kitchen Island

Industrial Kitchen with Wood Kitchen Island

Using natural materials in your kitchen, such as wood, lends the space an earthy feel. The wood countertops in this industrial kitchen adds a touch of warmth to the rather monochrome aesthetics.

Reclaimed Meets Industrial

Industrial kitchen with Reclaimed Meets

You probably don’t think of rustic, repurposed light fixtures with a subtle farmhouse flavor when you think of reclaimed elements in an industrial-inspired kitchen.

Here, you’ll find salvaged pieces. And they have been transformed into usable components of the kitchen. There are industrial elements like pendant lights. And weathered wood floors and kitchen island. The combination forms a unique kitchen design.

Beautiful Tile Backsplash

Beautiful Tile Backsplash Industrial Kitchen

And I don’t mean the brightly colored and patterned backsplash that you often see in many modern kitchens. Tile backsplashes, like industrial kitchen design, have both decorative and practical importance. And if you’re a tile enthusiast, here’s a bold idea for you. This kitchen’s backsplash adds to the space’s edge.

Fashionable Cafeteria Seating

Industrial Kitchen with Fashionable Cafeteria Seating

The wood-and-metal fusion is a hallmark of industrial interior design, and it works beautifully with the wood kitchen island, floor, and floating shelves. If you want to save some space, the tall cabinetry shown here may help you strike the perfect balance. Also, the cafeteria seating reminds me of the old elementary days. It’s so nostalgic!

Add Gray Cone Pendant Lights

Industrial Kitchen with Gray Cone Pendant Lights

Cone industrial pendant lights offer a useful yet visually appealing element to any space. This lovely kitchen strikes a mix between delicacy and the raw undertones that the industrial aesthetic may provide.

Designer Tom Howley developed this industrial-style shaker kitchen. It also showcases architectural elements such as exposed beams and brickwork. The space looks cozy and refined.

Opt for Stainless Steel Fridge

Industrial Kitchen with Stainless Steel Fridge

Stainless steel is among the few design elements that may be used in industrial kitchen designs. This kitchen by Phanomen design features a large industrial refrigerator that fits beautifully in the spacious kitchen. I also love the brickwork put into it. As well as the abundance of natural light from the huge windows.

A Ladder for Accessing Upper Cabinets

Industrial Kitchen with Upper Cabinets

Tall cabinets that nearly meet the ceiling are common in industrial kitchens. This is done to maximize space and provide as many storage solutions as possible. In this case, you may want to consider setting up a ladder to access the upper cabinets. To me, it looks like a playful accent to your kitchen design.

Statement Copper Backsplash

Industrial Kitchen with Statement Copper Backsplash

There is something so regal about copper’s polish and rustic sense it gives the area. That’s why it’s safe to say that copper kitchen backsplashes are always chic. They also look wonderful in industrial kitchens. Especially when combined with other metallics.

Opt for Concrete Countertops

Industrial Kitchen with Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a gorgeous and extremely durable material that is highly versatile. Plus, it has a lengthy lifespan. Concrete, with its minimalistic and clean look, fits wonderfully inside any home. Lending a modern or industrial atmosphere. This industrial kitchen features a concrete work surface that mixes in with the wall and all of the space’s dark accents.

Add Some Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants Industrial Kitchen

Fresh flowers or greeneries provide a beautiful accent to any kitchen design. Earthy features abound in this industrial kitchen. Being in this setting must provide the sensation of being outdoors. The sun shines through the window, and the green plants bask in the warmth. Having natural and raw materials around your cooking space will certainly bring you closer to nature.

Rustic Wood Island

Industrial Kitchen with Rustic Wood Island

If you want to bring a rustic charm to your kitchen, introducing raw elements is an excellent choice. Here’s a lovely industrial-inspired kitchen with a unique wood island that adds natural warmth to the space.

Vintage Meets Industrial

Vintage Meets Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen defines the style with natural raw wood, metal accents, and a splash of glass. These elements help create a vintage industrial space that is strong on flavor while compact on the scale. And I couldn’t help but fall in love with the gorgeous loft setting!

Classic White Subway Tile Backsplash

Classic White Subway Tile Backsplash Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen emanates simplicity and functionality. Which are the defining qualities of a true industrial kitchen. It features simple elements such as the subway tile backsplash with black grout. As well as high-end appliances and clean lines. These combinations will set you for serious cooking.

Things To Consider in Designing an Industrial-Inspired Kitchen:

Industrial kitchen design is not for everyone. But they can offer a big impact when carefully planned and put into effect. So, here are a few crucial industrial kitchen design principles to consider when getting ready for your upcoming kitchen makeover.

Open Space

Open space and high ceilings are among the most noticeable characteristics of an industrial kitchen. And for its ethereal attribute, the rough aesthetic has grown even more appealing.

In this type of kitchen design, you’ll typically see brick walls and rustic furnishings. As well as exposed ceilings and beams. With equipment commonly clad in stainless steel. The coarse textures harmonize beautifully with the polished steel surfaces.

Combination of Materials

Basic strategic plans can help you incorporate industrial style into your kitchen renovations. You may want to combine leather with stainless steel furnishings through metal floor lamps, bar stools, countertops, and kitchen appliances. All these will contribute to the loft aesthetic.

You may also want to consider a muted color scheme. And lights made of black steel, copper, and even brass. Also, concrete floors and countertops will bring a touch of class and functionality to the room. Distressed wood is also an eye-catching focal point for your kitchen island and shelving. It adds warmth to an industrial kitchen design.

Rugged Simplicity

OutroExposed bricks or bare concrete walls are effortless visual aesthetics. Bare walls are a significant element in achieving the ideal visual balance in an industrial kitchen.

You may also consider adding a chalkboard for added functionality. It also adds to the unpolished aesthetic that industrial style kitchens are known for. You may also opt for open shelves. This is to give more elegance and airy feel to your industrial kitchen.

In the past few years, industrial kitchen design ideas have been on a rise. Maybe it’s because people are looking for ways to add more character in their homes. It means there are so many new opportunities for you as a designer or homeowner when considering an industrial style kitchen–or any other space-to think about how materials can be used with texture and color to create something truly unique. 

I hope this helps to spark some awesome ideas for creating your own industrial-style kitchen. Good luck!