Italian Kitchen Design: Elements and Inspiration

Italian Kitchen Design featured photo

Italy is home to some of the most inspirational architecture and kitchen designs known all over the world. Italian kitchen design can range from classic to modern and contemporary styles. Many modern kitchens take design cues from Italian kitchens, especially using luxury materials. 

I’ve searched for some of the best Italian kitchen designs and want to help you turn your kitchen into your dream cooking space. Below, explore the different Italian kitchen ideas for inspiration, so you can kickstart ideas for your project.

Here are some of the different design elements used in Italian kitchens…

Italian Modular Kitchen

While having a sleek design, an Italian modular kitchen should be functional as well. This kitchen features a center island that accommodates the sink, cooktop, and storage unit. The kitchen offers plenty of cabinets and an integrated appliance for a streamlined look. Modular kitchens can be an easy way to integrate some modern elements into a kitchen remodel. 

This cooking space is well-lit — all thanks to the huge window and chandelier above the kitchen island. With its neutral palette, this kitchen is also easy to mix with pops of color.

Italian Modular Kitchen

Classic Italian

I like to think of traditional Italian kitchens as this dreamy, luxurious, vintage kitchen that withstands kitchen trends. The rustic elements in this kitchen give it the traditional feel. But the white gold finishes really make it stand out.

It also features a chandelier that is a scene-stealer. It adds that glitz and glam to the entire space and blends well with the overall look. The furniture is custom-made by talented Italian artisans to give it a classic vibe that matches the sophisticated surroundings.

Classic Italian Kitchen

Make the Most Out of Small Space

Small kitchens can be a challenge when it comes to designing. And since traditional Italian kitchens are small in size, it only makes sense to absorb smart kitchen design ideas from them. This means making a small space appear visually larger and functional.

This cute Italian kitchen design has a bright atmosphere. The pops on green add to the refreshing vibe, while the light oak flooring gives it a natural and inviting feel. It also features handleless cabinets that make the kitchen look less cluttered and create a streamlined look.

Typical size of an Italian Kitchen

White Italian Kitchen

A white palette has to be the easiest to work with. A case in point is this white Italian kitchen with a gray accent wall. I love how minimalistic and streamlined the entire kitchen is. The gray accent wall and stainless steel range hood match perfectly. Its large window lets in natural light which helps enhance the brightening effect of the white surfaces.

White Italian Kitchen

Whether it’s on the kitchen walls, backsplashes, or floor, adding some print details can’t hurt, you know? Take inspiration from this trendy Italian kitchen with decorative flooring. The pilasters are also a subtle architectural element that gives this kitchen a classic touch.

It’s designed with tones that are easy on the eyes. The arched window also gives it an open and airy atmosphere.

Italian Kitchen with Print Details

The Classy Italian Kitchen

Cooking gets more creative when met with class. Opt for a kitchen design with a timeless feel by adding a mix of vintage, rustic charm, and a fresh contemporary look. This Italian kitchen designed by Arbet Design takes the classic into a new dimension by highlighting the kitchen island.

It’s functional and friendly, but what’s really alluring is the artisan’s craftsmanship on the walnut marquetry on the unit doors. The stylish bronzed glass frame, as well as the chandelier, also add to the glam. It’s just an overall elegant and classy kitchen that many could only dream of.

Classy Italian Kitchen


This L-shaped layout in this modular Italian kitchen exudes modernism. It features an integrated wooden dining nook, as well as a large window that brightens up the moody tones. The glass storage cabinets that house the dishes literally get spotlights. This kitchen also has cabinets that are very neat. They fit well with the kitchen’s modern theme.

L-Shape Italian Kitchen

Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Contemporary Italian kitchen designs feature timeless details that defy trends. This kitchen designed by NOLI has all the contemporary elements you could find. From cabinets to countertops to decorative pieces. The white-painted wood beams create a subtle but noticeable detail.

All the little hints of blues and greens mixed with rustic, darker tones in a white palette make a unique look. I’d say this kitchen has the perfect blend of soft and strong personal notes.

Contemporary Italian Kitchen Design

Industrial Italian Kitchen

Industrial elements are one of the hallmarks of Italian kitchen designs. You just can’t seem to call it Italian without them. Industrial kitchens are also very adaptable. Try incorporating unique lighting fixtures, or in this kitchen’s case, some brick walls.

I appreciate how the ceramic floors imitate cement and are layered in carpet with abstract patterns. And with the classic wooden cabinets adding warmth to the space, this kitchen has a very cozy vibe. It also feels open and airy — all thanks to the open glass ceiling.

Industrial Italian Kitchen

Modern Minimalist

Modern and minimalist when combined create a very sophisticated design that’s both fashionable and functional. This modern Italian kitchen has a roomy and uncluttered layout that feels inviting. It’s equipped with basic appliances, with simple white cabinets that create a sense of easiness.

I love how the kitchen island is also free of clutter. But does function as a dining nook. The “barely there” range hood justifies the minimalistic design. While the matte black light and faucet fixtures add to the finishing touches.

Modern Minimalist Italian Kitchen

Rustic Touches

This Tuscan-style kitchen features rustic maple flooring. It matches well with the mahogany ceiling trusses and solid walnut cabinets. These rustic elements also complement the matte granite kitchen island, nicely. A small detail like the hand-painted range hood rim also lends to the rustic vibe. The cast-iron barstools and chandelier complete the look. While the beige walls brighten up the space.

Rustic Italian Kitchen

Open-Plan Kitchen for Uncluttered Look

Open-plan concepts may be the best solution to small spaces. A kitchen with no separating walls creates a seamless flow between areas in your home. It also encourages socialization between family members.

This open-plan kitchen inspired by Snaidero, one of the masters of kitchen designs in Italy, has three living spaces. The kitchen, dining, and entertainment area share the same square footage. All without sacrificing the aesthetic of the home.

The bed in the middle is disguised as an ottoman. And it blends seamlessly with the overall layout of the space. It sits there without looking out of place and makes for a nice sleeping quarter.

Open-Plan Italian Kitchen for Uncluttered Look

Foldable Breakfast Counter

Design-savvies know how to utilize their space with portable and functional furniture. A breakfast counter or table is a great investment, especially if you want to make the most out of a smaller-sized kitchen. It’s space-saving, adaptable, and easy to incorporate. The major perk is that you can easily get it out of the way when you need to.

Foldable Breakfast Counter

Lots of Storage Units

In terms of the kitchen, many Italian interiors harnessed the power of minimalism. Perhaps, the secret to maintaining this aesthetic is having many seamless storage units that conceal the clutter. Take cues from this Italian kitchen design by Arclinea, one of the known remodeling brands in Italy.

It boats tall, impeccable storage units that blend so well with the walls and the rest of the kitchen. It also features a convivium snack bar as part of Arclinea’s Convivium collection. It’s warm and welcoming. And it speaks much about Italy’s rich culture.

Italian Kitchen with Lots of Storage Units

Let In Some Natural Light

The brightening power of natural light is essential in every Italian kitchen. The presence of sunlight offers invigorating and creative energy. It also lends an airy vibe to the space. So, incorporate a transparent roof or a large window to let in natural light. This is especially vital in compact spaces.

Italian Kitchen with Natural Light

Dual Purpose Island Counter

A dual-purpose kitchen island counter is not uncommon in Italian kitchen designs. Adding them to your kitchen helps you maximize your space if you have a roomy area. You can use it as a prep area and a bar counter. Make sure the atmosphere is lovely and friendly by adding in a couple of cheerful accents like fresh flowers or some knick-knacks.

Italian Kitchen with Dual Purpose Island Counter

Wood Accents and Pastel Tones

\If you love pastel colors, you’re going to want to add some to your Italian kitchen. The soft tones of pastel in this Italian kitchen design by Scavolini dominates this traditional kitchen with wood beams accents above. Its woodsy element brings in the old wood charm while offering a unique and functional modern design. The classic arched window is also a highlight in this kitchen.

Italian Kitchen with Wood Accents and Pastel Tones

Slab Doors

Italian kitchens with slab doors are a visual stunner. The smooth and solid surfaces of slab doors are a distinctive element of modern Italian kitchens. They offer generosity in terms of space, allowing you to move around smoothly and freely.

A case in point is this modern kitchen designed by NOLI. The frameless construction of the matte cabinet doors is unmatched; they effortlessly blend with the entire kitchen aesthetic.

Italian Kitchen with Slab Doors

Streamlined Surfaces

Modern Italian kitchens are known for their minimalistic designs. A tasty use of kitchen space by integrating handleless cabinets and minimizing colors create streamlined surfaces that offer a clutter-free look. Keeping tableware concealed from plain sight exudes minimalism. As well as elegance.

Smooth, polished surfaces also let you sweep through the cooking area. All without any distraction. This modern Italian kitchen designed by NOLI is classy in its own linearity. The blend of materials used also creates balance.

Italian Kitchen with Streamlined Surfaces

Built-In Appliances

Integrated appliances will never go out of style. And that’s why many modern kitchens prefer to conceal the appliances by building them into the furniture. They not only save space, but such design allows your kitchen to be stylish while being functional.

If you opt for this Italian kitchen design, make sure to have your appliances in stainless steel finishes. From your microwave to the fridge to the dishwasher and the range hood. The goal is to create a cohesive look.

Italian Kitchen with Built-In Appliances

The kitchen is the heart of the home so it only makes sense to make them both functional and fashionable. I hope you’ve found inspiration from the Italian kitchen ideas above. Don’t be reluctant to experiment with different styles and decors to improve your design. Good luck with your next project!