Wood Kitchen Designs

Get inspired by these stunning wood cabinets and decorating ideas.

Wood Kitchen Designs featured photo

Wood is an excellent material for infusing charm and individuality into your kitchen. It is a durable material that is ideal for cabinets and drawers, countertops, worktables, floors, and stools. All of these components work together to give your kitchen and home an earthy, rustic feel.

Admit it: wooden elements, regardless of how subtle, make your heart warm. Why woodn’t they? Wooden accents and furniture in the kitchen bring us closer to nature. And we all know the healing power that nature brings.

I’ve gathered together some of the most gorgeous kitchens that highlight naturally beautiful wood features. Even modern pieces blend amazingly well with these wood kitchen designs!

Nature Infused

Nature Infused Wood Kitchen

Introducing nature into your kitchen makes a refreshing cooking space. We get a bulk of our daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun, so if you can, try to make one side of the kitchen entirely glass to let in sunlight. And adorn the space with lots of greenery.

Also, don’t forget the woodsy accents. Wood is a wonderful natural material that is ideal for the base of a kitchen island and for cabinets. For a weathered look, use raw, unstained woods, a wood stain, or a distressed surface. If you want to get the most natural appearance, opt for solid wood.

Cozy Parisian

Parisian Wood Kitchen

Many interior designers get inspiration from Parisian-style kitchens because they are streamlined, airy, and simply stunning. Such kitchens have a light, modern feel about them that’s so visually pleasing. And injecting the warmth of wood creates a cozy kitchen.

L’Atelier Paris designed this kitchen using bleached oak wood. The light wood aspect extends all the way up to the light wood cabinets and open shelving. This results in a cohesive aesthetic that is both airy and bright.

Reddish-Brown Wood Tones

Reddish-Brown Wood Tones Kitchen

Reddish-brown wood tones create a visually appealing kitchen decor. They also look perfect in kitchens with a white color palette. A case in point is this lovely kitchen with naturally reddish tones.

Mahogany, cherry, and walnut are excellent choices for achieving the ultra rustic look that reddish-brown woods create. Then, add windows to let in enough natural light and brighten up the space.

Weathered Wood

Wood Kitchen with Weathered Wood

Weathered wood possesses a unique charm. They are warm and unpretentious. And they have a rough surface and a primitive feel that have weathered many years of stormy epochs.

The wood element combinations in this enchanting farmhouse kitchen designed by Piece Design are simply stunning. I really like how the walnut counters complement the soapstone top. The beautiful cabinetry and ceiling are made of reclaimed wood, and the flooring is wide plank oak with a distressed and antique finish.

Some Unexpected Accents

Introducing unexpected touches in your wood kitchen design can elevate the area. Consider a slim, white waterfall counter. Then, above it is a series of beautiful golden pendant lights. And with the abundance of natural light, you’d wish to never ever leave the space.

Wood Kitchen with Waterfall Counter and Golden Pendant lights

California Style

California-style kitchens entail open space and platforms with seats. You can tell a  California kitchen by its integrated casualness and its use of natural materials like wood. This airy and laid-back SoCal kitchen exudes chic.

It’s sunny, bright, breezy, and pleasant — just like the California weather! Designer Sam Sacks has clearly perfected the art of California cool with this one.

The Caesarstone countertop on the kitchen island is enclosed on three sides with an oiled oak ledge. Giving guests a softened wooden surface to savor the meals while prepping the food on the stone.

California Style Wood Kitchen

Bright and Airy

Before remodeling your area, you should envision a bright and airy wood kitchen. Allowing plenty of natural light is an excellent approach to foster openness. The selection of woods with light finishes further contributes to the space’s airy vibe. This kitchen, for instance, is so relaxing and calming.

Bright and Airy Wood Kitchen

Floating Wood Shelves

Wood Kitchen with Floating Wood Shelves

Wooden floating shelves are a timeless kitchen feature that lends an airy and open feel to the entire space. They are especially handy in kitchens with limited space. With open floating shelves,, you can showcase your collection of vintage finds, such as plates and mugs. They also stand out beautifully on a white backdrop.

Light Woods Details

Wood Kitchen with Light Woods Details

Light woods work best in modern home kitchens. The use of light wood cabinets and black worktops creates a room that is both cozy and elegant. The L-shaped kitchen island, however, is the focal point of this kitchen space. It’s stylish, practical, and visually appealing.

Rustic Charm

Rustic Wood Kitchen

Even the most modern kitchens look great with the presence of rustic features. This is to add a breath of country charm. Because wood is such an important component of the wood kitchen design story, salvaged woods with distressed textures are welcome. You can always practically couple your modern kitchen with rustic wood elements.

Dark Wood Kitchen

Dark Wood Kitchen

Dark wood kitchens aren’t always gloomy and somber; they can be elegant, too. The darker tones provide vigor and intensity to the kitchen design. Dark wood design is among the most popular styles for modern kitchens. And no matter the square footage of your kitchen, dark wood cabinetry can look magnificent.

Contemporary Flair

Contemporary Wood Kitchen

Wood kitchens with a contemporary look provide a fantastic fusion of an ethereal cooking environment. The light approach in this kitchen is really wonderful. The pendants over the kitchen island are subtle yet impactful. And when the light shines on the wood surfaces, it’s as if you’re basking in nature while making your favorite meal.

Old-World Feel

Vintage Wood Kitchen

Since wood is often linked with kitchens from the yesteryears, designing a wood kitchen with a sense of the old world is one of the easiest designs to do. Consider vintage wood cabinets, plinths, and corbels. As well as other antiques to add to the old-world feel.


Minimalist Wood Kitchen

Minimalist kitchens create an airy, clutter-free space that fosters tranquility in the kitchen. And you can also achieve the vibes in a wood kitchen design. The key is to put functionality over bedazzlers.  It’s also a good idea to use flat-panel or handleless wood cabinets. You can also pair them with a few open shelves and plenty of natural light.

Wooden Dining

Wood Kitchen with Wooden Dining

If you’re going for a wood kitchen design, then it makes perfect sense to use a wood dining table, right? Seriously. While smooth surfaces are lovely, look for a slab of wood with distressed surfaces. The goal is to create a unique dining zone that’s just as unpretentious as the rest of the space. Like the dining table in this dainty kitchen designed by Katie Hodges.

Sage Green Wood

Sage Green Wood Kitchen

But you can’t totally call it a wood kitchen if you overlay it with unexpected color —  said no one, ever. Sage green cabinets are soothing and lend a vintage feel to the space. It’s a simple hue to work with because it complements so many kitchen styles. The fusion of woods and sage greens in a kitchen is like an outburst of earthy tones you didn’t know you needed.

Shiplap Board

Wood Kitchen with Shiplap Board

Shiplap is a popular accent for barns, farmhouse, or cottage-style kitchens. They look fantastic in their natural, unpainted form. So, try to find boards that suit the overall aesthetic of your kitchen.

Eclectic With a Kitchen Island on Wheels

Eclectic Wood Kitchen With a Kitchen Island on Wheels

The fact that you can combine various components to get the desired feel is what makes eclectic kitchen decor so exciting and unique. This eclectic kitchen is a visual wet dream. It has a lot of energy and a vintage vibe to it.

The transportable wood island is a very practical workspace. You can move it wherever you want and get it out of the way if you don’t need it.

Integrate Rack Into Kitchen Island

Wooden Kitchen with Rack Into Kitchen Island

Built-in racks in your kitchen island not only provide an effective storage solution. But it also gives you an excellent option to showcase your beautiful and rare collection of pots, jars, and fine china. As well as vintage treasures.

Expandable Island

Wood Kitchen with Expandable Island

An expandable island is a wise feature for those who simply can’t get enough of prep space. And incorporating them into your wood kitchen design gives the space a vintage feel. Like this wood kitchen island from Overstock.

Kitchen Cart

Wood Kitchen with Kitchen Cart

Kitchen carts are essentially rolling islands. They are a miniature version of the fitted island that we see in many contemporary kitchens. You can tuck this practical furniture into a corner or roll it into a different location. Which makes it ideal for small spaces.

And if You Love Mustard…

Wooden Kitchen with Mustard Tone

Certain pigments are rather divisive. And each can look amazing in specific settings; it’s how they’re paired that’s tricky. Take inspiration from this open kitchen designed by Studio Shamshiri. It incorporates a beautiful mustard yellow hue across the kitchen design. The presence of wood is still very evident. With a combination of light woods and darker woods.

Woods, of any sort, provide a warm, cozy atmosphere in a home. Such kitchens are endearing. The traditional look isn’t the only advantage. But the long-lasting material will most certainly survive for decades ahead.

I hope these photos of lovely wood kitchen ideas inspire you and spark your creativity. Have fun planning and incorporating wood elements into your kitchen design.