All White Kitchen Designs

Make your all-white kitchen a blank canvas for your dream design scheme.

All White Kitchen Designs featured photo

White kitchens are pretty cool. They are essentially a blank canvas for many design styles, including both traditional and modern kitchens, no matter the size. They are bright and energetic, and the neutral color palette makes it easy to coordinate everything from counters, lighting, and furniture to appliances and flooring. 

What I find exciting about an all-white palette is that it looks clean, bright, and new. Morning coffee feels great in a bright white kitchen. A fresh start to a new day! 

White is also a great foundation for adding a variety of decorative features to make the design uniquely yours. You can opt for earthy textures like marble counters and wood beams to offset the clean modern lines. You can pair white walls with a vibrant backsplash design to create a focal point. Plus, flooring options such as hardwood and patterned tiles can create a warmth and texture in an otherwise white room.

To help you pick the ideal design scheme, I’ve gathered the most gorgeous white kitchen designs. Minimalists and vintage fans alike, there is a white kitchen design for you! From farmhouse-style to modern white kitchens, you’ll surely discover something you’ll absolutely love. Keep reading to find your all white kitchen inspiration. 

Penthouse White Kitchen

Among the many celebrity homes we admire, Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tribeca Penthouse in NYC is a dream. The space has a really fresh feel to it — thanks to the white walls and flooring. As well as the marble island, countertops, and cabinets. If I were to take a guess, this immaculate kitchen is definitely her apartment’s most impressive feature.

Penthouse White Kitchen Design

High-end Farmhouse

A white farmhouse kitchen doesn’t need to have a lot of vintage or rustic elements. Even with the marble kitchen island and contemporary brass hardware, the rustic features like the stool and hardwood floor still look fantastic overall. The pendant lights also add a touch of elegance. So modern, yet, so homey.

High-end Farmhouse White Kitchen Design

White Modern Farmhouse

This farmhouse kitchen in Salt Lake City, Utah is where farmhouse meets modern. The beige floor, shaker cabinets, white ceramic backsplash, and black granite counters all work together to create a cohesive visual. The wood range hood is my favorite because it’s not oversized. It perfectly complements the other wood elements. The white cabinets light up the space.

White Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Design

Bright White

An all-white kitchen makes a modern kitchen attractive. This white and bright kitchen follows contemporary design trends. But it still has a timeless touch. Subtle details like the patterned floor tile is sure to make a statement.

Bright White Kitchen Design

Industrial Touch

Adding a few elements like lighting fixtures adds a modern-industrial feel to your space. I like the two varying patterns combined here: the herringbone tile backsplash and the chevron wood countertop base. Both are stunning and seem to be rivals for attention. The metal island stools are also complete the aesthetic.

Industrial Touch White Kitchen Design

Pristine White Farmhouse Kitchen

This charming farmhouse kitchen features classic shiplap walls, aged concrete worktops, and white vintage cabinets. As well as a slew of farmhouse-inspired accents. The shelves are a trove of antiques. It looks cluttered. But this space captures the essence of life on a working farm.

Pristine White Farmhouse Kitchen Design

White Marble

This luxury kitchen in southwest London has a large, sleek island and flawless worktops. As well as a single-cut marble backsplash. And these features just prove that you can never have enough marble. The kitchen features cohesive built-in cupboards and an induction hob. Its striking pendant light with polished brass orbs makes for a dramatic centerpiece.

White Marble Kitchen Design

Rustic White

Adding rustic elements is ideal if you want to have a bronzy accent while keeping the basic white palette. The La Cornue CornuFe range sits on the same zone as the antique brass pot filler. While a white dome hood with metal shelves matches the range, nicely. The soft light from the brass task sconces perfectly illuminates the cabinet and counter area around them.

Rustic White Kitchen Design


Think you can’t make an already all-white kitchen more minimalistic? Well, think again. This kitchen has plenty of cupboards to contain the clutter and a satin brass finish on the pendants, knobs, and faucets. Such metal elements warm up the scene. It’s a striking aesthetic that won’t go unnoticed.

Minimalist White Kitchen Design

White Bistro

This chic bistro features a black-and-white design scheme with white cabinets, counters, and flooring. It also features a black kitchen island. The gray subway tile backsplash goes well with the cabinets and counters. And pendant lightings brighten up the dining island. Those lovely, tall island stools complete the bistro vibe.

White Bistro Kitchen Design

Eye-catching Backsplash

Backsplashes are a great place to customize your all-white kitchen. Eye-catching ones like this hexagonal tile is a one-of-a-kind design. And it looks most stunning with a white quartz countertop. It adds so much character to your space that you won’t even need the other extravagance. The backsplash really pops against any white cabinetry, and the effect is beautiful.

Eye-catching Backsplash White Kitchen Design

Dreamy and Bronze

The white cabinetry in this kitchen with oil-rubbed bronze handles makes a great pair of finishes. The handles add a rustic touch to the space, making your dream kitchen come true.

Dreamy and Bronze White Kitchen Design

Add Tropical Warmth

One of the most striking features of this Tropical-style kitchen is the aquarium displayed in the white cabinet. Which contrasts sharply with the kitchen’s hardwood floors and beadboard ceiling. The floors warm up the space, as well. It’s a nice design concept if you want to bring the tropics to your home.

Tropical-Style White Kitchen Design

Go Scandi

An all-white palette is a perfect place to go Scandinavian. You won’t even have to do much about it, just a few decorative accents to achieve the aesthetic, will do. This kitchen features an exquisite copper pendant. Which really pops on the white background.

Scandinavian White Kitchen Design

Midas Touch

Adding some brushed brass hardware is a significant step toward transforming your kitchen. And If you have dark blue cabinets such as these, they really stand out. It may just inspire you to want to cook delicious recipes every day.

Midas Touch Kitchen Design

Black Accents

Black is such a bold color to add to anything, but don’t be scared to sprinkle a little bit of it. Casi in point? The four black upholstered barstools in this modern white kitchen. Also, can we have a moment to appreciate the two-seeded glass polyhedron pendant lights hanging over the white kitchen island? They are simply gorgeous!

White with Black Accent Kitchen Design

Vintage Vibe

When you have an all-white kitchen, it’s easy to add vintage pieces to it. The lovely antique doors, which conceal a modern pantry and a microwave. And the counters that surround the stovetop feature a White Macaubus Quartzite. The rug also is a gorgeous accessory.

It’s a small kitchen but in a tiny room like this, the bright, natural light shines through. Its sink is just underneath the windows to free up some much-needed space.

Vintage White Kitchen Design

Accentuate with Blue

Blues are some of the most eye-catching hues to add to an all-white kitchen. You may consider pairing your white kitchen island with glossy blue cabinetry. Then, add two white pendant lights to create a striking look.

White with Blue Accent Kitchen Design

Warm It Up

If you want to warm it up a bit, adding something organic or natural is the way to go. You may incorporate a wood open shelving. If you can find wood that has been salvaged or repurposed, that’s even better.

White with Repurposed Wood Accent Kitchen Design

Classic Beauty

Marble countertops and the island in the kitchen, a subway tile backsplash, and white cabinetry are classics that will never go out of style. The chevron tiling behind the stovetop is really stunning. The chevron details behind the stovetop are really stunning. This kitchen truly exudes class.

Classy White Kitchen Design

Cottage Style

For an all-white kitchen, think cottage-style. Achieving the “cozy vacation” vibe means adding a palette of soft hues like the ones in this kitchen. You can pair your kitchen’s basic white tone with other soft hues like blue.

Cottage Style White Kitchen Design

A Shade of Gray

Adding gray accents to an all-white kitchen also sets the mood. This one has lovely features including creamy white cabinetry. As well as Supreme White Quartzite countertops. A  mosaic tile backsplash contrasts nicely with the stainless steel hood. The gray floor sits well with the kitchen. All without being overpowering.

White Kitchen with Shade of Gray Design

Woven Deets

Adding woven elements gives a very interesting texture to the space. This cottage kitchen designed with basket chandeliers warms up the kitchen, as well. They hang over a blue kitchen island with quartz surfaces and rattan counter stools. A cooktop looks great with gray mosaic Tabarka tiles as an accent. There’s an all-white metal range hood and a white French stove. As well as blue cabinetry with brass handles to impress.

White Kitchen with Woven Deets Design

Brassy Features

Brazz touches also warm up an all-white space. This kitchen has it: from light fixtures to drawer and cabinet pulls to the kitchen faucet. The rustic details here are just so pretty.

White Kitchen with Brass Accents Design

Stones and Beams

It’s hard to beat a kitchen with brick walls and an all-white color scheme. And adding wood beams makes the space feel primitive. The white palette below brightens up this kitchen. And for extra glitz, there’s a see-through floor at the center.

White Kitchen with Stones and Beams Accent

Sunny Day

Why not add a pop of yellow to liven up your space? To give your kitchen a more modern feel, consider adding yellow bar stools. The bright yellow bar stools in this kitchen add a splash of color and a dose of levity.

Even though a yellow seat has a modern vibe, placing it in a neutral space elevates it to new heights.  It has an allure all its own. The goal is to have a brightly colored accent that works well with the rest of the space. And don’t be afraid to try between bright and pastel shades of yellow!

White Kitchen Design with Sunny Vibe

Patterned Tiles

Patterned tiles are so expressive, whether it’s your flooring or backsplash. The patterned backsplash in this all-white kitchen creates a gorgeous twist that’s hard to overlook. It complements the rustic counters. As well as the pristine white cabinets. So dreamy!

White Kitchen with Patterned Tiles Backsplash

Colored Floors and Furniture

The stark white of the walls and cupboards gives way to brightly colored flooring and furnishings. This white kitchen makes the green floors and the blue island pop.

White Kitchen Colored Floors and Furniture


If you want a checkerboard style floor, try to go marble. It’s hard to imagine anything more romantic than a kitchen with an aged marble floor like this one right here. I’m also in love with the cute kitchen island, and the brassy drama on cabinet pulls.

White Kitchen with checkerboard style floor

Island on Wheels

Islands on wheels or freestanding kitchen islands are versatile. They offer additional space for seating, a place to prepare meals, as well as an extra surface for cooking. Just add in a couple of white bar stools and vibrantly colored dishes and you’re set!

White Kitchen with freestanding kitchen islands

Creamy White

Creamy white is an alternative to an all-white color scheme if you don’t want to go with a bright white palette. It’s kind of a strong blend with SW Creamy since it has a little warmer color tone to it. And it goes perfectly with the Taj Mahal countertops (as the interior designer, Carla Aston, likes to call it.)

Creamy White Kitchen Design

Open Shelves

Many homeowners opt for wood open shelves for the rustic vibe. But even with an all-white kitchen, you can still add white open shelves. They are the best if you have a collection of colorful plates, mugs, and jars.

White Kitchen with Open Shelves

Wood Accent

Wooden accents in the kitchen are a fantastic way to make the room feel more homey. The wood elements here include the lower and some higher cabinet fronts. As well as the floor, range hood, and stools. The blend of white and warm alder woods creates a transitional yet relaxed atmosphere. Elements like the frosted-glass cabinets and brushed-nickel hardware also lend a nice aesthetic appeal.

White Kitchen with Wood Accent

Patterned Floor

Using rugs isn’t necessarily the best choice for a busy kitchen. If you want to make a statement, go for patterned tiles, instead. They look gorgeous in an all-white kitchen.

White Kitchen with Patterned Floor

The Countryside

White country kitchens work well with limited spaces that don’t get enough natural light as the white backdrop creates an illusion of a larger room. Case in point? This kitchen with light reflective, shiny surfaces that give the impression of more space.

The brick walls also give the room a cozy vibe. The counters and the small rack, which are both made of wood, add warmth to the kitchen.

White Country-Style Kitchen

Vintage Appliances

Vintage fridge? Stovetops? Range hoods? You can never go wrong with adding a touch of retro to your cooking space. This kitchen features a red range that had its trend back in the 1940s. It matches the whole aesthetic of the kitchen.

White Kitchen with Vintage Appliances

Chic Rose Gold

Given that rose gold is made up of a sizable share of gold, it pairs well with other metallics of varying colors. A rose-gold stool sits around the kitchen island. White and sunshine serve as a backdrop for their metallic shine, which steers the energy of the room.

White Kitchen with Rose Gold Accent

Mermaid Backsplash

Anybody who sees this mermaid backsplash in this kitchen would want to decorate their space with some aquatic flare. You may use it to create a focal point in your house. With its soothing color scheme of blue, green, and off-white.

White Kitchen with Mermaid Backsplash


Cooler white tones are also a great element to add to your space. They marked the foundations for a magnificent background that you can customize to your liking. You can start with simple pieces of furniture such as cabinets.

Kitchen cabinets in an off-white shade provide a neutral backdrop for this multipurpose gathering room. Making it feel open and bright.

Off-White Kitchen Design

Bold Details

Any addition of a one-of-a-kind piece or fixture to an all-white kitchen can effortlessly brighten it. As shown beautifully in this kitchen. The white cabinets and paneling are brightened by these vibrant mid-century modern chairs. The color sticks out and they’re just so lovely to look at.

White Kitchen with Bold Details

Bring Nature Into Your Kitchen

Plants are a clever approach to welcome the outside in and brighten up an all-white kitchen. In this modern white kitchen, the palm leaves decorate the bar top, and a ponytail palm sits in a contemporary pot on the ground. It’s so therapeutic.

White Kitchen with Plant decors

Moody Tones

Darker elements may simply give an all-white space a stylish flair if you find that it tickles too dreary. This chic Toronto kitchen features a blue mosaic tile backsplash and white cabinets. As well as quartz counters that are so gorgeous together. That’s also true for the rose-gold pendant lights!

White Kitchen with blue mosaic tile backsplash and white cabinets

Neutrals and Textures

Adding neutrals and texture is a fantastic tradeoff if you don’t find an all-white palette attractive. And neutral doesn’t necessarily imply plain or basic in nature. It’s actually like having a blank canvas on which to paint any design you desire for your space.

Amy Jo from MM-Eight Design created this stunning kitchen. With a whole new range of hues, the neutral color scheme is refreshing. It’s simple, elegant, and easygoing.

White Kitchen with Neutral Color Scheme


It’s really practical, functional, and cool to have open storage. Below a kitchen island, open shelving is very appealing. A kitchen island with open shelves is a great place to show off your cookbook collection. While also displaying other decorative stuff.

White Kitchen with Laidback Design

Layer of Fabrics

Layering fabrics in accessories is a simple way to add a dainty touch to your kitchen. From curtains to tablecloths, chair cushions to decorations. Plus, you can simply freshen your kitchen up with different fabrics as seasons change.

White Kitchen with Layer of Fabrics

Wrap Up

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. Working with a white color palette allows you to brainstorm design ideas that suit many styles and sensibilities. 

I hope you’ve found the best all-white kitchen designs for your home. Remember that no matter what theme or design style you choose, in the end, it will be completely you. Have fun designing and good luck with your next project!