Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Transform your kitchen into an elegant, charming space with a wide range of contemporary designs. 

Contemporary Kitchen Designs featured photo

Contemporary kitchens draw inspiration from nature. And they incorporate both modern kitchen and classic elements that create unique designs to defy trends. From neutral color schemes and bold color palettes to sleek custom cabinetry and metallic accessories — the possibilities are endless!

Aside from sleek fixtures, decoratively patterned tile is a beautiful element to add. Large windows provide an airy space, while earthy tones create warmth and a cozy atmosphere.

Whether you’re giving your kitchen a makeover or designing one from scratch, there’s a kitchen design for you. You can transform your kitchen into something that feels homey –  a space that is uniquely yours.

I’ve compiled a broad range of contemporary kitchen designs. You will have your pick from modern yet inviting design concepts that combine elegance and utility. It’s time to reinvent your kitchen!

Accentuate With Stainless Steel

Want a shift from marble and granite surfaces? Try stainless steel for a clean look. The beautiful stainless steel counter and fixtures in this modern kitchen compliment the gray floor. Plus, stainless is really easy to clean. It’s all about simplicity and clean lines here. 

Contemporary Kitchen with Stainless Steel Accent

Warm It Up With Woods

The contrast between the white cabinets and the warm wood backsplash, worktops, and floating shelves in this kitchen enhances the look. Also, the wood backsplash works as a visual diversion. Drawing attention away from the kitchen’s cramped conditions. But there’s a lot of life in the room — thanks to the cheerful rug.

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Wood Cabinetry

Contemporary Style Meets Industrial

I love the rose gold pendant lights in this contemporary kitchen. They add a subtle but impactful finishing touch. Additionally, the bare brick wall and copper backsplash lend a rustic vibe to the space. In contrast to the rustic elements, the quartz counters have a luxurious appearance. It’s a truly wonderful place where contemporary meets industrial.

Contemporary Kitchen with Industrial accent

Shiny Gold Elements

We all know that gold is timeless, and it symbolizes luxury. So, it just makes sense to add gold accents to your kitchen. In this kitchen, the black sleek cabinets with a white counter and open shelves provide a sophisticated feel. While the gold details lend a sparkly touch to the scheme. The gold mirror backsplash’s reflecting surface opens up the room and transforms it into a classy culinary area.

Contemporary Kitchen with Shiny Gold Elements

Stones and Wood Elements

Two natural materials in one design concept — why not? This contemporary kitchen’s beige stone walls and reclaimed wood countertop give it a natural and tidy look. While the white cabinetry, walls, and ceiling lend it a rustic feel. The sloping ceiling’s skylights bring in plenty of natural lighting. And oh, what a cute, laidback cat!

Contemporary Kitchen with Stones and Wood Elements

Glossy White Surfaces

Glossy white cabinets in contemporary kitchens emanate a timeless beauty. They add a sheen to the space without even trying. Case in point? This all-white kitchen.

In this transitional kitchen, marble and are brass are the primary materials that exude elegance. The stone slab backsplash and brass elements such as cabinet knobs, the sink faucet, and a pendant light hanging from the lantern create a cohesive appearance.

Contemporary Kitchen with Glossy White Surfaces

Add in Brass Hardware

Incorporating brass hardware into your kitchen warms up the space. It can also give your kitchen some rustic details. Modern glossy brass hardware adorns the shaker cabinets in this black and white contemporary kitchen. I like the farmhouse sink fittings here because it lends the space a subtle vintage vibe.

Contemporary Kitchen with Brass Hardware

Dark Wood Cabinetry

Rustic elements aren’t new in contemporary kitchens. This kitchen features salvaged chestnut cabinetry. It seamlessly extends to the ceiling. Creating ample space for storage. The cabinetry’s beautiful patterns and textures also create a cozy atmosphere. And while it has a rustic feel, the white tile backsplash and marble countertop give it a modern twist.

Contemporary Kitchen with Dark Wood Cabinetry

All Things Marble

This contemporary kitchen exemplifies an ideal cooking area that every minimalist dreams of. All thanks to the all-marble kitchen island and backsplash. The Calacatta Oro’s elegant veining contrasts beautifully with the surface’s white color. As well as the gray cabinets. The black chairs also add a finishing touch.

Contemporary Kitchen with Marble Elements

Pretty Matte Finish

When you combine the timeless elegance of subway tiles with the enticing warmth of copper, the effect is breathtaking. This contemporary kitchen features a copper subway tile backsplash that adds a burst of color and style. To make the design stand out, the tiles were edged with bevels to provide depth to the room.

The open shelving lends an easy and airy sense to the kitchen. Which is styled in matte black with a white quartz counter.

Contemporary Kitchen with Matte Finish

Simple and Sleek

Simplicity is beauty. This kitchen features an engineered stone bench with an overhang, four lovely stools dotted around the kitchen island, and a simple, white herringbone backsplash. Anyway, there’s nothing much to see here. Just an effortless kitchen that exudes charm. So refreshing and warm at the same time. A dream cooking space for minimalists.

Contemporary Kitchen with Simple and Sleek design

Streamlined Storage Unit

One of the best tricks you can do to maximize a contemporary kitchen is to add a streamlined storage unit. This may include handleless cabinetry that will house your dishes and tableware. These types of cabinets make the space appear less busy.

Contemporary Kitchen with Streamlined Storage Unit

Add a pop of color

Adding pops of color into your kitchen cheers up the space. The powerful contrast between black and white in this kitchen lends a stylish and cozy space. The greenery enliven the entire food prep and cooking area — all thanks to the colorful pots! 

You can also paint your walls into cool, vibrant colors if you’re not into greens. Though adding plants give the kitchen a more lively feel. The lovely pendant lights also illuminate the counter below it with a warm glow.

Contemporary Kitchen with Pop Color Scheme

Elegant and Minimalist

Minimalism is always tied with elegance. and so is this kitchen with off-white matte, handleless cabinets that scream minimalism. And white quartz worktops that create a bright and airy sleek kitchen design.

Contemporary Kitchen with Elegant and Minimalist style

Patterns and Color Explosions

Give your kitchen a makeover by using colorful wallpaper. This contemporary kitchen features a colorful, geometric patterned wallpaper. This bold element provides an emphasis wall. Open wood shelves and top cabinetry with glass fronts. They create a basic appearance that allows the wallpaper to shine out.

A white countertop and stainless-steel appliances also complement the white cabinets. While the medium-toned wood floor creates a cozier vibe. This kitchen is just so cheerful.

Contemporary Kitchen with Patterns and Color Explosions Style

Geometric Backsplash

Hexagon is probably one of the most popular options for a geometric backsplash. The beautiful colorful backsplash in this contemporary kitchen steals the show. It also serves as the kitchen’s accent wall of colorful triangles on the white hexagon tiles. The backsplash offers visual flair. While the wood shelving makes the space seem relaxed and airy.

Contemporary Kitchen with Geometric Backsplash

Decorative Accents

When it comes to accessorizing a kitchen, decorative rugs are always a staple. The wood backsplash, worktops, and floating shelves in this kitchen provide a warm and inviting feel. They are alternatives to pristine white cabinets. By providing a central focus, the backsplash draws attention away from the kitchen’s tiny size. The colorful rug serves as a decorative element.

Contemporary Kitchen with Decorative Accents

Eye-Catching Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash has the potential to grab a lot of attention. And that’s why it’s important that you pay attention to every detail. This kitchen has eye-catching that will surely leave a lasting impression. It accentuates the white flat-panel cabinets and the dramatic blue-toned backsplash.

The yellow chairs around the black kitchen island create a striking contrast. And with their geometrical design, the bronze pendant lighting complements the backsplash. This kitchen is so dreamy.

Contemporary Kitchen with Eye-Catching Backsplash

Pop of Orange

Orange is another color that some people might not realize looks gorgeous in contemporary kitchens. It’s a refreshing shift from the typical woodsy or neutral accents. A vivid orange laminate backsplash and bar chairs nicely match the orange accent in this renovated contemporary kitchen. While the warm glow of the three pendant lights illuminates the entire space. So bright and cheerful!

Contemporary Kitchen with Pop of Orange

Statement Barstool

Adding statement bar stools shouldn’t be a no-brainer. They’re a simple, essential piece that accommodates you and your guests. Bar stools are a fantastic complement to any contemporary kitchen. You can opt for bar stools with and without armrests, backs, cushioning, and upholstery on the seat surface. And make sure any option you choose makes a statement.

Contemporary Kitchen with Statement Barstool

Moody Tones

Choosing darker hues is also a timeless choice. The cabinets and appliances in this stunning contemporary dark grey kitchen are modern. A classic porcelain Belfast sink and floating shelves above complete the look. These elements give the room a welcoming and warm feel.

Contemporary Kitchen with Moody Tones

Gold and Gray

The combination of gold and gray in contemporary kitchens exudes sophistication and luxury. The cabinetry in this kitchen is a beautiful shade of gray that extends all the way to the ceiling. While the earthy tone of the stone backsplash complements the gray accents.

I like how the gold hardware on the chairs makes them nearly invisible from a point of view.  The gold pendant lights complement and complete the kitchen’s overall look.

Contemporary Kitchen with Gold and Gray Tones

Trendy Neutrals

Neutral tones are clean, classic, and minimalistic! This contemporary kitchen’s soft color palette creates a relaxing and friendly feel. Its gray quartz countertops and metallic knobs compliment the white cabinetry. The light gray tile backsplash adds a little texture to the room, while providing a streamlined backdrop.

The undermount sink helps to focus your gaze on materials and accents. Added to the island is a woven vase holding the greenery. Giving the kitchen a subtle, elegant touch.

Contemporary Kitchen with Neutral Tones

Two-toned Contemporary Kitchen

Two-toned kitchens can be visually appealing. The dark gray shaker cabinets provide an elegant touch to this contemporary kitchen. While the layered white subway backsplash adds a modern touch. It especially makes the cabinets stand out.

The bubble chandelier, multicolored chairs, and round white dining table give the space a whimsical feel. I also like how the warm beige ceiling reduces the starkness between white and black.

Two-toned Contemporary Kitchen

Integrated Wine Storage

It’s convenient to have built-in wine storage beneath your kitchen island or a wine holder on your counter. Wine storage or racks come in handy if you find yourself occasionally hosting guests.  It’s also a great way to show off your collection of delicious wine.

Contemporary Kitchen with Integrated Wine Storage

Sculptural Lights

Sculptural lights that combine ornamental art and design elevate any kitchen. You can pick from round, triangular, and coned lights. As well as ring lights and swirls. Just above the shiplap island is a hanging pair of cone-shaped aged brass pendants. They have an enormous charm that will make a lasting impression.

Contemporary Kitchen with Sculptural Lights

Wrap Up

A stylish and functional kitchen is a great way to show off your personality and unique style. With all the wonderful options above, hopefully you found the best contemporary kitchen ideas that will suit your lifestyle. Good luck, and have fun designing your dream cooking space!