European Kitchen Design

From traditional to contemporary design, bringing the European-style kitchen into your home will amp up your cooking game.

European Kitchen Design featured photo

When it comes to designing a kitchen, there are endless possibilities when it comes to style and layout. If you’re looking for something unique and stylish, consider incorporating some elements of European design into your plans. From sleek cabinets to elegant finishes, these kitchens are sure to impress. So if you’re ready to take your kitchen design up a notch, read on for some inspiration from the best of Europe!

I’ve compiled some of the best European kitchen ideas from the masters of kitchen design. Find inspiration from some of the greats: Snaidero, Valcucine, Scavolini, and Arclinea. I’ve also provided some ideas for how you might improve your design, as well as some trending pieces for modern European kitchen ideas that you will want to add to your dream cooking space. Let’s get into it!

Orange Evolution by Snaidero

This European kitchen design has set the lofty objective of creating a visually appealing and functional kitchen. A space that is free of structural transitions and in continuous interaction with the entire room. I just adore how the wall merges with the floor. Also, all the necessities are displayed in a sophisticated way here.

Orange Evolution by Snaidero

Acropolis by Snaidero

Snaidero refers to it as “the kitchen of the future.” It has avant-garde architecture, made up of vertical and horizontal parts. Which blend perfectly together, owing to the use of specialized joints. A unique lighting system integrated into the upper shelvings highlights the countertop surfaces. It basically takes center stage. And it provides a unique approach to socializing and living life in 360 degrees.

Acropolis by Snaidero

Meccanica by Valcucine

Meccanica, a European kitchen designed by Valcucine, is a breakthrough eco-sustainable kitchen in terms of both construction and cost. It’s pretty easy to assemble. You won’t need glues, and it’s easy to rearrange or even relocate.

Meccanica by Valcucine

Artematica Stainless Steel by Valcucine

This modern European kitchen design is another masterpiece by Valcucine. It features an all-stainless steel counter and backsplash. As well as the lower cabinets. The stainless steel components make the kitchen more professional. Also, the wood walls and dining table makes a flat contrast to the sleek, gleaming surfaces.

Artematica Stainless Steel by Valcucine

Diesel Social Kitchen with Scavolini

Scavolini is another kitchen remodeling brand you might haven’t heard of. They designed this kitchen with Diesel through creative finishes, techniques, and elements. The Dove Grey tempera lacquered oak doors reveal all its personality. This kitchen exudes simplicity. But very functional and modern. And the sleek metal upper cabinets really stand out.

Diesel Social Kitchen with Scavolini

Convivium by Arclinea

Arclinea created an innovative design for this kitchen. I love the artisan craftsmanship level of detail with the fumé oak, huge built-in work table. Which also becomes the centerpiece. A wide ornamented wall collaborates with the kitchen island. And it offers discreet storage for food and utensils.

The two equipped units at the center are concealed by New Pocket System vanishing doors. This kitchen contains state-of-the-art elements that have transformed the way Europeans operate in the kitchen.

Convivium by Arclinea

Gamma by Arclinea

Gamma is another kitchen design conceptualized by Arclinea with nice access to the personal touch in mind. It gives straightforward and adaptable features. Also, it features a tremendous choice of finishes and nearly boundless potential fusion of materials.

Gamma brings in a concept where the focal point is on the central work zone with an induction hob and a built-in sink. It’s minimalistic and functional at the same time. And it’s warm and inviting.

Gamma by Arclinea

Pops of Color

To some, European kitchens appear to be a bit boring. This is because many of their kitchens are have dark, wooden cabinets. So, bringing a few cheerful colors can enliven the scene without being too overpowering.

You may consider pairing a colorful appliance with warming tones like wood or neutral-colored tiles. Like this kitchen with a jadeite green fridge in this white European kitchen design. This can give your a pop of color that brings out its unique charm.

European Kitchen with Pops of Color

Opt for Vintage Accents

European kitchen designs are no stranger to vintage accents. This kitchen designed by Cathy Chapman features a weathered wooden work table. Which also serves as a treasure trove for ceramics and other antique tableware. The pendant lights, as well as the vintage cabinet, complete the overall country kitchen vibe.

European Kitchen with Vintage Accents

Eclectic Dream

The eclectic mix of conflicting materials in this welcoming European country kitchen creates the calm atmosphere of a home. It’s filled with cherished artifacts accumulated through generations. I adore everything about this space. It has the right moodiness to it, as well. So dreamy!

European Kitchen with Eclectic Dream touch

Natural Wood Materials

Another feature that distinguishes European kitchens is the use of raw materials. The wooden rafters in this European vintage kitchen add warmth to the overall design. This kitchen just has an earthy feel to it.

European Kitchen Made of Natural Woods

Add a Worktable

Instead of a fitted kitchen island, why not incorporate a worktable? Adding this piece is practical; you can move it around, replace, or update it. This old-school kitchen in Southern Europe features a wooden worktable across the cabinets and cooking zone. It’s in the perfect spot for convenient food prep.

European Kitchen with a Worktable attached to an Island

Airy Open Shelves

Open shelving system in any kitchen creates a light, airy atmosphere. They are ideal if you want to showcase your favorite collection of lovely pots, jars, or dishes. All while also achieving fantastic and eye-catching peaks in your cooking space.

European Kitchen with Airy Open Shelves

A Mix of Metals

An elegant European kitchen design is made up of a combination of metallic finishes. Combining metals is a fantastic approach to adding texture. They also help create an antique or collected aesthetic. Making your kitchen more intriguing.

European Kitchen with Mix of Metals

Painted Cabinetry

Painted cabinets are a refreshing change from the dark, wooden cabinetry found in many European kitchens. Soft blues are excellent choices for kitchen cabinetry. And this eclectic European kitchen design illustrates that. All the rustic elements, from the flooring to the hanging copper pots and pots — perfection!

European Kitchen with Painted Cabinetry

Wood + Marble

By combining these two features, you can create the most nature-inspired kitchen. Whatever the intricacies are, they work nicely together. Both materials complement any European kitchen. So, it’s no surprise that they’re favored by many.

European Kitchen with Wood and Marble Accents

How About an Arched Doorway?

It is usually a good idea to include an arch in your area! It might help to soften up those sharp lines while also providing uniqueness. Here’s an epitome of a lovely arched pathway.

European Kitchen with Arched Doorway

Textured Walls

Opting for a textured wall using bricks or a subway tile is a great way of adding depth to your European-inspired kitchen. Like this one kitchen where the subway tile walls surround the window. The atmosphere is also airy and calming.

European Kitchen with Textured Walls

Elegant Matte Finishes

I’m not talking about the flat, unfashionable matte. I’m referring to the nice, sleek, and modern matte finishes. If you don’t want to commit to matte surfaces and want to change them in the future, start with the cabinetry. This kitchen is a fantastic example.

European Kitchen with Matte Finishes

Open Furniture Kitchen Island

European kitchens don’t limit you to the typical cabinetry as storage. You may integrate a rack under your kitchen island for a more expressive display of your collection of fancy cookware. You may also opt for one with a vintage feel for extra texture.

European Kitchen with Open Furniture Kitchen Island

Wrap Up

Whether you want to simply select a branded European kitchen design or incorporate a few of their common elements into your own custom design, the possibilities are endless. Hopefully you found some inspiration for your own project. Good luck, and don’t forget to have fun while designing your space.