Fancy Range Hoods

Serving both functionality and aesthetic appeal, these fancy range hoods will transform your kitchen.

Fancy Range Hoods featured photo

Kitchen range hoods have transitioned into art pieces in the past few years. When it comes to interior design, range hoods can make or break your kitchen design. They aren’t just functional, but can be visually appealing. Since they can be quite bulky, why not opt for one that makes a statement?

If you’re in the market for a new range hood, you might be surprised at the variety of choices available. From sleek, minimalist designs to ornate copper hoods, there’s a range hood to fit every style and budget. But with so many choices, how do you know which one is right for you? 

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular range hood styles to help you decide which one is right for your home. So read on to learn more about fancy range hoods and find the perfect one for your kitchen!

Covered in Barn Wood

Range Hood Covered in Barn Wood

In this gorgeous farmhouse kitchen, the range hood covered in reclaimed barn wood adds some rustic charm. Together with the wooden backsplash, they soften the modern aesthetic of white beaded inset cabinets. Emphasizing the beauty of wood and vintage design.

The pendant light above the soapstone kitchen island also goes nicely with the wood elements. Wood might not be the first material you think of using on fancy range hoods, but it works well in this kitchen. 

Copper Vent

Copper Vent Range Hood

This kitchen’s streamlined traditional feel provides a classy space with an elegant appearance. The copper vent hood draws attention away from the white top cabinets. It truly is an eye-catcher from a distance.

Scalloped Hood

Scalloped Range Hood

I don’t know about you but I find scallops so adorable. Most commonly found in vintage kitchens, scallop designs provide a whimsical and sophisticated touch to your hood and your overall kitchen design. A case in point? This elegant stainless steel range hood with brass straps.

White and Gold Range Hood

White and Gold Range Hood

The fusion of these colors and finishes lends a touch of refinement to any kitchen. This modern kitchen’s hood range is tastefully embellished in white and gold.

Patina Metal

Patina Metal Range Hood

Patina metal range hoods are worn pieces of art that add warmth to a space. And this steel range hood with a rustic Iron patina finish does exactly that. This vent hood is giving me major vintage vibes!

Brass Range Hood

Brass Range Hood

Here’s an amazing example of a gigantic range hood that offers a major statement piece. In this kitchen, the brass hardware complements the striking range hood. I just love how the fusion of the diverse colors, textures, and materials creates such a unique artisan kitchen design. The space is simply beautiful!

Concealed Range Hood

Concealed range hoods are a favorite among interior designers and are commonly present in many modern homes. They provide such a seamless appearance that it helps to keep a kitchen looking tidy. I mean, look at how invisible the hood is in this cottage-style kitchen! You can’t see it, but it’s there… Magic? I think so!

Hidden in Subway Tile

Range Hood Hidden in Subway Tile

Ditch the classic subway tiles and opt for marble! Here’s a  marble-clad range hood fixed against white and gray marble subway tiles above a light blue French stove. The range hood appears to be camouflaged with the walls. So extravagant and stylish!

Classy Gray Range Hood

Classy Gray Range Hood

Certain gray tones provide a sense of luxury. The gray range hood and gray-toned island in this kitchen compliment the mosaic tile backsplash. I also love how well the range hood breaks up the starkness of the white cabinets.

Black and Gold Glitz

Black and Gold Glitz Range Hood

When it comes to range hoods, you could never go wrong with the pairing of black and gold, and here’s solid evidence! The enormous black range hood offers a stunning focal point between the white cabinetry and the white chevron backsplash. This kitchen just exudes luxury!

Modern and Minimalist

Modern and Minimalist Range Hood

A trendy lifestyle calls for a trendy solution. And minimalism is in vogue!  Here’s a modern minimalist kitchen with a bespoke black range hood that doubles as artwork over the island. It wraps up the modern aesthetic of the cabinets.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary Style Range Hood

I know the black swan wallpaper gives this modest and ordinary kitchen a surprisingly exquisite and sensual look. But it’s the stainless steel hardware in the center that steals the show! Well, look at the circular metal range hood doing its thing, providing a contemporary vibe to the kitchen.

Chic Farmhouse

Farmhouse Style Range Hood

It’s hard to resist the allure of farmhouse kitchens, and here’s proof! The shaker cabinets, wood range hood, and other wood pieces beautifully show the farmhouse style’s cozy vibe. The colorful patchwork tiles on the floor also offer a chic visual appeal.

Metallic Trim

Range Hood with Metallic Trim

The attention to detail is evident in this transitional kitchen. Gold details, such as the range hood trim, faucets, and pendant light finishes, offer a touch of glitz.

Classic White Marble

Classic White Marble Range Hood

If you love marble, a range hood would be a unique statement. With a stylish and traditional finish, this marble-clad range hood stands out.

Glam Black Marble

Black Marble Range Hood

This kitchen simply exhibits the elegance of modern luxury. In this modern kitchen, luxurious marble and natural wood complement each other well.

The kitchen island, backsplash, counter, and range hood are all made of black marble. Which gives this kitchen a cohesive look. The natural wood cabinets offer a simplistic design so it doesn’t steal the attention from the marble elements.

Vintage Style

Vintage Style Range Hood

This kitchen features various textures and materials that complement each other well. The vintage copper range hood adds to the beauty. It serves as a focal point of the kitchen.

Concealed in Shiny Gold

Range Hood Concealed in Shiny Gold

Gold is a dazzling fashion statement, so why not bring it into your kitchen? Here’s a range hood mounted against a gold and black cooktop wall. It looks lavish and elegant at the same time!

Weathered Copper Adds to the Rustic Charm

Rustic Range Hood in Weathered Copper

Rustic kitchens are defined by weathered items. In this kitchen, the large copper range hood serves as a focal point.

Custom Wood-Clad Hood

Wood-Clad Range Hood

Various textures and patterns merge well in this transitional kitchen, resulting in a unique aesthetic. The tile backsplash provides a clean and nice groundwork for the customized wood-clad hood. I simply love how unique the range hood is!

Beach Style

Beach Style Range Hood

I love the use of blue, white, and wood in this beach-inspired kitchen. This fusion creates a pleasant and welcome ambiance, bringing the serenity of the beach into the kitchen. The wooden range hood lends a focal point to the space and matches the kitchen island.

Old-World Infusion

Tall Statement Range Hood

This rustic kitchen is amazing, with a lovely stone backsplash and woods, as well as a tall statement range hood. The wooden beams and old hardwood floors also lend a rustic feel to the space.

Geometric Style

Geometric Style Range Hood

This stainless-steel range hood complements the sleek and simple motif of the kitchen. The geometric hood suits the full-height glass-topped backsplash. It also pairs well with glossy resin upper cabinets. I love how minimalistic this space is!

Black Wood Range Hood

Black Wood Range Hood

This kitchen showcases an unexpected fusion of materials and colors. And this is why you should never be terrified of oddities. The black wood range hood and black floating shelf round off the modern look of the cabinetry.

And there you have it! I hope you find these fancy range hoods inspiring enough to add one to your kitchen. Always go for something that fits your needs, kitchen size, and style. Good luck designing!