Kitchen Backsplash Designs

One of the most fun parts of designing a kitchen is coming up with backsplash ideas. A kitchen backsplash design can be simple or complex, but is an important element in any kitchen design. A backsplash protects your wall from splashback while you’re cooking, and it can also add visual interest to your kitchen décor. If you’re considering a new kitchen backsplash, here are some design ideas to get you started.

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A backsplash is one of the first things everyone notices when entering your kitchen. Backsplashes can stretch your entire wall or be a focal point behind your stove. In particular, they can add a variety of textures and colors to your kitchen.

Whatever backsplash design you want, make sure to make it stand out. You can transform your kitchen into a cooking space you’ve always dreamed of using some of the most trendy kitchen backsplash ideas.

With so many designs available, you’ll never run out of options to design your kitchen walls. Backsplashes can be made of tile, natural stone, glass, or ceramic. Plus, you can pick from design styles like rustic and cozy or modern and minimalist.

Painted Glass

Looking for something more unique than your standard subway tile? You may consider a painted glass backsplash. Which boasts a classy feel, and could give your space an ultra-modern and cosmopolitan atmosphere. Lacquered cabinets match nicely with it.

painted glass backsplash

Calcutta Marble

In terms of style, marble may be either classic or modern. Depending on the materials used to match it. This backsplash design is great for a minimalist kitchen. They look even better when merged smoothly with marble countertop, both contrasting and accentuating a gray kitchen island.

Calcutta Marble Backsplash

Stainless-Steel Backsplash

You may want to opt for a stainless steel backsplash such as those used in restaurants. Stainless steel backsplashes prevent oil splatters. And even though sanitation is the reason for going the stainless steel route, they can still appear trendy and unique.

You may warm the space up a little with wood countertops. And if you want, you can add a pop of color to liven it up.

Stainless-Steel Backsplash

Quartz Extension

Adding a few inches to the height of the quartz counters if you have an all-white kitchen creates a simplistic, elegant transition. And you can keep aesthetic clarity by adopting the same material on all surfaces. You can even make the floating shelves be made of the same material. Which will create even more harmony.

Quartz Extension Backsplash

Extra Glossy

Glossy backsplashes add personality to your cooking space. This kitchen features white cabinets and is beautified by a green chevron tile backsplash with a glossy finish. The white floating corbels give it a bit of concealment. Glossy backsplashes are a way to go if you have limited space. As they can make your space appear larger.

Extra Glossy Backsplash

Penny Tiles

You’ll see this pattern in many bathrooms but they can also make a stunning backsplash in your kitchen. Penny tiles with a glossier finish are lively, exciting, with strong texture. This design creates a vintage feel, and if you pair it with creamy white cabinetry, it’s a wonderful choice to go for. To make your backsplash stand out, white penny tiles with contrasting grout will do the trick.

Penny Tiles Backsplash

Mirrored Tiles

Mirrored tiles enhance the amount of light that enters your space. So, n o need to worry if you don’t have a lot of natural light coming in from the windows in your kitchen. The trick is to keep them in low visibility so that they don’t take up too much space.

Mirrored Tiles Backsplash

Glossy Green

Using bold colors on your backsplash is a great idea, but adding texture can give it more depth. When you compare it to a simple wall decor, subway tiles will provide your space with so much more magnitude.

Glossy Green Backsplash

Marble Effect

Who says you need a whole wall covered with marble slabs to achieve the effect you like? You can use marble tiles as an alternative to creating the design you wish to achieve without spending as much. Natural stones can be so expensive. So, opting for marble tiles will be an economical solution that boasts the same elegance as natural marble stones.

Marble Effect Backsplash


Among design aficionados, herringbone is a hot trend. So, if you want to keep your kitchen in style with a bit of sass, herringbone would be a wonderful backsplash design. For brick, subway tile, and flooring, this pattern is a popular pick. It’s one of my top picks for kitchen backsplash ideas, too.

Herringbone Backsplash

Statement Marble

Want to make a bold statement? You may want to go for a marble backsplash. There’s no denying that this new style is dramatic and stunning, giving the conventional tile backsplash an upgrade.

Statement Marble Backsplash


With its low-maintenance nature, quartz is a wonderful alternative to genuine, natural stone. And with the same luxurious appearance. It also creates an explicit focal point. The aesthetic is beautiful, and yet the cost can be relatively low, as well.

Quartz Backsplash

Sunburst Pattern

To make a wet bar look chic and elegant, you may use gold-striped Calacatta marble tiles. With a sunburst design, you can place them around your window to give it some more kick.

Sunburst Pattern Backsplash

Glossy Black

Incorporating bold colors like black doesn’t have to be a gloomy option. Using glazed bricks to create a backsplash is a great way to repurpose old bricks. The dark color serves as a nod to black pepper, one of the most important components in cooking.

Glossy Black Backsplash

Mermaid Vibes

Mermaid backsplashes boast both style and texture. There are tiles inspired by the sea that you may use. There’s something relaxing about this blue-green backsplash. And with a hint of white, it looks really stunning.

Mermaid Vibes Backsplash

Antique Floral

Adding an antique flower backsplash can give your kitchen a touch of vintage charm. The floral element is a good way to freshen your kitchen. It exudes elegance and daint that draws attention.

Antique Floral Backsplash

Black-and-White Pattern

Patterns are always a wonderful choice. Whether you pick geometric kitchen decor in black and white or a light and cheerful white design for your backsplash. Choosing a patterned backsplash will never make your kitchen seem dull again.

Black-and-White Pattern Backsplash

Chevron Pattern

The chevron backsplash, despite its thinness and modest size, does not detract from the overall look of your kitchen. Chevron patterns give your kitchen a touch of beauty. They also exude elegance.

Chevron Pattern Backsplash


Injecting geometric design into your kitchen instantly elevates the space. Hexagons may be the most preferred geometrical figure of all time. The shape looks great and works with various decor types, even the most luxurious. And they’re a wonderful alternative to subway tiles.

Geometric Backsplash

Glossy Mosaic

If you want to have a unique and striking scene in your kitchen, then you may turn to glossy mosaic tiles. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, they provide so much charm to a space. So, it only sounds plausible to use them as a fashionable backsplash option.

Glossy Mosaic Backsplash

Neutral Pattern

In an all-white kitchen, a backsplash that adds a burst of pattern or color might be the missing piece. Neutral pattern backsplashes are a wonderful solution if you want to keep your kitchen’s minimalistic feel. And because it’s a neutral hue, it will easily fit in with your existing home decor.

Neutral Pattern Backsplash

Antique Tiles

Adding antique patterned tiles creates a visually appealing backsplash in the kitchen. Anything vintage lends a lovely touch to any space. They are a great choice if you already have a collection of vintage utensils.

Antique Tiles Backsplash

Luxe Carrara Marble

These types of marble backsplashes radiate grandeur and elegance. They are a great way to make a statement for your kitchen. Originating from Italy, Luxe Carrara has the ability to give your cooking space both a modern and classic feel.

Luxe Carrara Marble Backsplash

Elongated Hexagon

I say without a doubt that geometric tiles are an excellent go-to for backsplash design ideas. And the elongated hexagon backsplash is one of them. These shapes give your kitchen a modern feel, You won’t have to revamp your kitchen for a while.

Elongated Hexagon Backsplash

Colorful Graphic

You can always get away from boring and repetitive kitchen backsplashes and go the lively, colorful route. Colorful and patterned tiles are great for many kitchens. And if you have an all-neutral space, a touch of the vibrant pattern may convert it into a style statement. A little bit of pizzazz can’t hurt, you know?

Colorful Graphic Backsplash

Chic Pattern

A chic backsplash highlights delicate patterns and subdued hues. Making it a well-curated staple for farmhouse decor. And don’t be afraid of patterns. Whether you’re looking for something modern or rustic farmhouse-style. There’s always a stylish backsplash that will suit your lifestyle.

Chic Pattern Backsplash

Aqua Blue Hexagons

Again, you can never go wrong with geometric shapes. Blue hexagons, in particular, make a wonderful backsplash in both traditional and modern homes. It has a very airy color, guaranteed to give your kitchen a laid-back vibe.

Aqua Blue Hexagons Backsplash

Charming Pattern

From the word itself, these patterns are detailed, providing a touch of charm to your overall kitchen interior. The vibrant pattern works well with all-white cabinetry. As well as an equally stylish countertop or flooring.

Charming Pattern Backsplash

Panda White Marble

If you want to make a bold statement, a panda white marble backsplash could be a fearless choice. It shows off large, dark speckles that will surely draw attention. It exudes elegance, and it works well for open-space kitchens.

Panda White Marble Backsplash

Breezy Blue and White

Adding a pop reviving color is always a great choice to freshen up your cooking space. A breezy blue with a hint of white will do the trick.

Breezy Blue and White Backsplash

In this kitchen, blue cabinetry and a matching backsplash add a burst of color and style. The kitchen island offers enough room to cook meals and host friends. While also adding a touch of style to the area.

Navy Subway Tiles

Bold Blues

This minimalist kitchen’s main point is a striking blue and white backsplash. The white cabinets above it with glass doors complete the look. As well as the lovely brass knobs.

Bold Blues Backsplash

Bold Black Marble

The kitchen’s backsplash and island are both made of black marble, giving it a cohesive allure. The wood base of the island, as well as the bar stools, complete the overall look of the space.

Bold Black Marble Backsplash

Marble Subway Backsplash Tiles

Marble subway backsplash tiles create a look of a minimalist kitchen while adding subtle details. The speckles and texture of the tiles become wall accessories. A nice twist to have in many all-white modern kitchens.

Marble Subway Backsplash Tiles

Small Mosaic Tiles

This kitchen backsplash is perfect though the dark countertops may rob the area of much-needed natural light. So you may want to consider adding more windows.

Small Mosaic Tiles

Rustic Brick

Bringing bricks inside adds a rustic touch to your kitchen. You can have the backsplash stretched on your entire walls to create a seamless design feature. The rustic element warms up the space.

Rustic Brick Backsplash

Small Blue, White, and Gray

Your kitchen will have a retro feel with a backsplash of white and gray tiles. For a continuous look, you may want to extend it through your entire kitchen wall.

Small Blue, White, and Gray Backsplash

Light Blue

If you want to have a neat backdrop, you can never go wrong with a classic combination of white and blue. And they suit really well in any transitional kitchen. The light blue backsplash not only enhances cabinetry’s white hue but it also adds a nice flash of color.

Light Blue Tiles Backsplash

Subway Tile With Dark Grout

A white subway tile backsplash can brighten up your cooking space. White subway tiling and an open white cabinet create a nice and clean workstation around the kitchen sink. Case in point? This minimalist kitchen backsplash below.

Subway Tile With Dark Grout Backsplash

Wallpaper Behind a Glass

Every beautiful wall decor lies in lovely wallpaper. That’s the case with a glass backsplash with wallpaper behind it. As an alternative to using tiles, you can try wallpaper as a backsplash instead. The wallpaper is coated with clear glass tiles, making it very easy to wipe off splashes from your stove.

Wallpaper Behind a Glass Backsplash

Cheerful Blue

You’ll love the look of your kitchen with a cheerful blue backsplash.  See the soothing blue color that gives vibrancy and freshness to the space? It will surely make you feel relaxed and calm.

Cheerful Blue Tiles Backsplash

Colorful Tiles

It’s not a surprising fact that adding colors to your kitchen revives the overall vibe of the space. Designing your backsplash with colorful tiles is a great opportunity to add a nice pop of color. It works well with hanging shelves so it doesn’t obscure the vibrance it brings.

Colorful Tiles Backsplash

Recycled Glass Tile

An eco-friendly recycled glass tile is a great way to show your commitment to the environment. And there’s nothing more refreshing than a splash of blue in the middle of a neutral kitchen.

Recycled Glass Tile Backsplash

Cohesive Colors

Food prep, cooking, and cleaning zones help keep the kitchen running smoothly. But the aesthetic should be consistent from one zone to the next. You may create visual cohesion by choosing a single backsplash design. Then incorporate tile colors that reflect features across your space. If you want a backsplash with a variety of hues, consider mosaic peel-and-stick tiles.

Cohesive Colors Backsplash

Glossy Squares

Square tiles with a glossy finish make a reflective element in your cooking space. If you combine it with rustic hanging shelves, it offers a stunning contrast.

Glossy Squares Backsplash

Gray Marble

It’s safe to say that marble is a top choice for every design plan, and for good reason. Gray marble backsplashes provide a seamless look in your kitchen because of their natural beauty.

Gray Marble Backsplash

Charcoal Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone backsplashes are common in modern kitchens. Not to mention, adding a splash of color can’t hurt. Charcoal herringbone provides depth and character to any kitchen.

Charcoal Herringbone Pattern Backsplash

Antique Portuguese

Sparkling and attractive antique Portuguese tiles are a wonderful way to create a dramatic scene in your kitchen. They work well with farmhouse style kitchens, with copper pots and pans to complete the look.

Antique Portuguese Backsplash

Smoky Mirror Subway

Consider smokey mirror subway tiles instead of standard silver mirrors. It’s a great option if you want your kitchen to make your backsplash stand out. It creates a reflective element in your kitchen space, and the subway tile offers texture.

Smoky Mirror Subway Backsplash

Emerald Subway

Emerald subway tile is a beautiful option for a subway backsplash. The emerald green boasts fierceness that can turn your backsplash into a central piece.

Emerald Subway Backsplash

Wrap Up

Have fun with tile textures, eye-catching motifs and patterns, and intricate colors when designing a kitchen backsplash. Aside from that, it’s a great way to show off your current design taste and give your kitchen a quick facelift. 

I hope you’ve found inspiration to create a backsplash design to suit your personality and the overall aesthetic of your home. Remember that there’s no right or wrong color or pattern choice in designing your backsplash. As long as you love it and you’re happy with your decision, that is all that matters. Good luck!