Scandinavian Kitchen Designs

Draw inspiration from these stunning Scandinavian-style kitchen design ideas.

scandinavian kitchen designs featured photo

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen, you may be interested in Scandinavian design. This style is growing in popularity, and for good reason – it’s simple, sleek, and stylish. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the key features of Scandinavian kitchens, and show you how you can achieve this look in your own home. So if you’re ready to take your kitchen from bland to beautiful, keep reading!

What Is Scandinavian Kitchen Design?

Before we address the design elements in these kitchens, the concepts derived from the way of life in Scandinavian countries are important to note. Many Scandinavians appreciate the “hygge” lifestyle, a Danish way of fostering a warm atmosphere and savoring the nice things in life with wonderful people. This concept carries through strongly in Scandinavian interior design.

Scandinavian design concepts focus, in a sense, upon utility and simple forms. Such designs strive to stick to the basics. In a kitchen, designing a Scandi cooking space often entails adding warm wood elements in the shape of cabinets and floorings.

You may also incorporate soft paint colors. And a simple yet texturizing backsplash. Also, elegant stools add a finishing touch to this classic aesthetic.

If these concepts sound like something you want to bring into your home, take cues from these Scandinavian-style kitchen designs I’ve compiled. From lovely blue accents to simple patterns to modern and vintage touches, this design collection has it all. I will also go through several approaches to incorporate Scandinavian elements into your kitchen.

White and Light Colors

scandinavian kitchen with white and light colors

The urge to vary very mildly in tone will soften the flatness of a Scandinavian-style kitchen. The white provides light and brings attention to your existing artistic options. And it offers some sense of spaciousness. Your dream cooking space may lack the clean, refined edge of a Scandinavian design if you do not have dazzling white walls.

A Splash of Color

scandinavian kitchen with Splash of Colors

Airy and eclectic, there’s a lot to love about this Scandinavian design. The gorgeous pops of blue, bright yellow, and natural greeneries bring this small Swedish kitchen to life. The stainless steel countertops add a nice contrast.

Make Bold Statements

scandinavian kitchen with bold statement

One of the best ways to make a bold statement in a Scandinavian-style kitchen is through the backsplash. Opting for a dark subway tile in herringbone makes for a great statement piece.

Upbeat and Airy

scandinavian kitchen with upbeat and airy vibe

A cheerful kitchen may spark creativity. In this kitchen, the electric appliances are housed in a towering cabinet beside the window. The glossy cabinets lighten its hefty mass, and the sparkle of the mosaic tile backsplash adds some airiness.

To maintain the feeling of lightness, there are just a few open racks and a compact module over the sink. Which was colored differently from the rest of the kitchen. The goal is to make it seem virtually invisible on a pastel mosaic backdrop.

Two-Toned Cabinetry

Scandinavian Kitchen with Two-Toned Cabinetry

This kitchen designed by Cartelle Design is a minimalist Scandinavian design in an open-plan space. It boasts peaceful and soft colors for this wonderful space. Bringing in a subdued color palette that exudes elegance and class. The two-toned cabinets make this kitchen so unique.

Minimalist Beauty

Minimalist Scandinavian Kitchen

Scandinavian kitchens tend to simplify things by embracing the “less is more” philosophy. They are simple in a non-boring way, providing you with a kitchen that is both functional and visually beautiful. Mixing neutral hues and sleek cabinetry may help you achieve a clutter-free environment.

This bright Scandi style kitchen simply stands out. It features tiny bursts of color that aren’t overpowering. Also, the pearly white pendant lights complement the overall aesthetic. They also offer a finishing touch. The adorable breakfast nook is also a great extension to the open plan.

Vintage Coastal Vibes

Scandinavian Kitchen with Vintage Coastal Vibes

This open-plan kitchen was designed to be airy and bright. And with intentional flashes of color. It features white glass front cabinets and open shelves. Together with quartz worktops and retro-inspired kitchen appliances in Robin’s Egg Blue, it creates light and airy spaces.

Also, the circular mosaic tile backsplash fits the color palette. And it lends aesthetic charm without dominating the kitchen. The plants and basic containers assist to keep a pristine, tidy aesthetic.

Opt for Wood Backsplash

Scandinavian Kitchen with Wood Backsplash

Adding wood accents to your decor adds a warm zest. You might go with a natural wood backsplash coated with a water-resistant finish. The amount of wood in this Scandinavian design is remarkable, from the wooden floor to the backsplash to the countertops. Talk about harmony!

Add a Modern Farmhouse Touch to It

Modern Farmhouse Scandinavian Kitchen

A Scandinavian design interior’s aim is to reach optimal flair using a simplistic design. If you love farmhouse design, incorporating its elements into your Scandi kitchen can make it stand out. These spaces focus on style, shape, utility, and simplicity. All while being exceedingly warm.

Scandinavian kitchen designs feature natural elements. The warm wood accents in this kitchen dissolve the stark white backdrop. I also love the clever use of storage solutions here.

Blue Painted Cabinetry

Scandinavian Kitchen with Blue Painted Cabinetry

Aside from white, blue is a common palette in Scandi-inspired interiors. And it pairs well with earthy and neutral tones. The cabinetry in this little kitchen features a deep blue color. They provide a fantastic dark contrast to the white tile backsplash and the general starkness of the space.

Experiment With a Gray-Toned Scandi Style Kitchen

Scandinavian Kitchen with Gray-Toned Palette

Since simplicity sets a Scandinavian kitchen from other kitchen designs, gray would be a wonderful color palette to use. This gorgeous Nordic kitchen sets the tone in a nice shade of gray. It also features white thin tiles and a striped rug as décor. As well as welcoming and trendy woven seats.

Be Playful With an Eye-catching Backsplash

Scandinavian Kitchen with Eye-catching Backsplash

Adding an eye-catching kitchen backsplash is another way to make a statement. The multi windmill triangular pattern backsplash in this stylish Scandi kitchen design is eye-catching. It looks great with the dark countertops. And it provides a nice contrast to the all-white palette.

Vintage Meets Modern

Scandinavian Kitchen with Modern and Vintage Touch

Scandinavians embrace incorporating one or two vintage elements into their modern interiors. Especially into their kitchens. This modern kitchen features vintage checkerboard flooring. The artistry that has gone into the space is simply brilliant.

The use of sleek cabinets the subtle ornaments helps maximize the space. This kitchen stands out simply because of the way everything is organized.

Black, White, and Gray

Scandinavian Kitchen with Black, White, and Gray Colors

Blending black, white, and gray is an excellent way to combine these key Scandinavian tones. This kitchen features gray cabinets, a white tile backsplash, and a black range hood. The black and white checkered floor adds to the stylish color palette.

This kitchen exudes individuality without becoming overpowering. Yet, every little accent in this kitchen stands out.

Wood Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen with Wood Kitchen Island

Or perhaps a table. It might be either the base or the work surface. Natural wood elements provide warmth to the space. This kitchen by Grand Tradition Home is a modern rustic interior design done perfectly, with warm wood on the base of an island complimenting the hard quartz countertops. 

It highlights clean lines and sophisticated hardware paired with rustic, weathered wood. Using enough black accents in furnishings and lighting fixtures quickly lifts the whole space and helps to keep it looking modern and trendy.

One-Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

One-Wall Scandinavian Kitchen

One-wall kitchen layouts save space but frequently need a little more ingenuity. This is to make sure that each cooking necessity is covered in a configuration that matches your own style. This Scandinavian kitchen brings a minimalist flavor — thanks to the streamlined Scandinavian-style cabinetry.

In addition, the layout provides ample space for a dining table in the kitchen. It also makes use of the abundant natural light provided by the large window.

Add Some Wood Bar Stools

Scandinavian Kitchen with Wood Bar Stools

The cabinets and breakfast bar in this Scandinavian-inspired kitchen lend the space a warm touch. But it’s the wood bar stools and wooden floors that really stand out to me. They just go perfectly with everything.

The Classic White Subway Tile Backsplash

Scandinavian Kitchen with Classic White Subway Tile Backsplash

If you want to keep your Scandinavian kitchen simple, opt for a classic white subway tile. This kitchen designed by Akram Aljahmi of Reico Kitchen & Bath features a white subway tiling and a hex Nero trident above the cooktop.

The wall cabinetry has a cotton finish. Whereas the base and island cabinets have a graphite finish. It also features an engineered quartz worktop in the color Seagrove.

Add a Decorative Rug

Scandinavian Kitchen with Decorative Rug

It may not seem like it, but rugs may enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. Also, because Scandinavia is freezing, it makes perfect sense to use rugs to keep you cozy and comfy.

I hope that these Scandinavian kitchen designs inspire you to go Scandi-style. I believe that everyone can take a lesson or two from their understated kitchen designs.

They appear to have great admiration for the practicality of ordinary living and to find delight in simple things. Consider embracing the same principles for your home, and who knows what you’ll create. Good luck with designing your kitchen, and have fun!